The Source Premieres: SonReal – “One Long Day”


After a long wait, it is finally released. SonReal’s mixtape “One Long day” is finally public and you can listen to it here! In addition, he also recently sat down with The Source,  and opened up about his creative process and inspirations!

“One Long Day is a record about my come up as an artist. I feel like the record really tells my story leading up until now. I just wanted to do something concise, musical, and more then anything, something with substance. The process was unlike any other album or mix tape I’ve ever done because we spent so much time on the songs. A lot of records on it would start out as rough skeleton ideas, and after months of working on them, changing drums, adding additional vocals and what not, the songs evolved into much more intricate, well thought out pieces of work. ”


  • Alan Ng

    Great album. It’s got great production behind it. Learn more about the creative process behind this album soon.