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Nike Air Yeezy 2
Beats By Dr. Dre Studio Color Campaign
YouTube Preview Image

This video is pretty dope, but the Best Buy product placement part was lame.

These colors look descent, but I want to know how I can get my hands on the J.Cole edition…

Anyone know?

Address Is Approximate

Google Street View stop motion animation short made as a personal project by director Tom Jenkins.

Story: A lonely desk toy longs for escape from the dark confines of the office, so he takes a cross country road trip to the Pacific Coast in the only way he can – using a toy car and Google Maps Street View.

View the video below.


Common – The Dreamer/The Believer

I am a dreamer, and I am striving to become a believer.

Dec 20. Common. Hip-hop. Truth.

T-World Presentations

Today, I bumped into two great videos about the world of T-Shirts and how they fit in the world of pop and street culture.

The first video, discusses about the future of t-shirts graphics. Ever wondered what’s next for the t-shirt industry?

The second one features important people in the t-shirt industry, and a quick glimpse into their daily lives.