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The reason I stopped taking the bus.

2000 Acura Integra GS

Say hello to my 2000 Acura Integra GS! Not exactly the fastest car in the world… but it’s so much fun to drive. Yeah, I wish I had picked up a GSR or Type-R instead… but it’s unbelievably hard to find one that hasn’t been modded and beat up. Not to mention they were a little out of my price range at the time and co-op pay isn’t *that* great to begin with.  Anyway, there’s nothing quite like gunning down an empty SW Marine Drive at 3am in this little beast. Photo courtesy of my Canon S90.

And so it begins. Nokia + Windows Phone 7 is real!

The interwebs are going crazy right now – and for good reason! Nokia and Microsoft have just announced that they will be forming a strategic alliance which will result in Nokia incorporating Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 operation system in all new Nokia high-end devices.

All I can say is that I’m pretty darn excited about this partnership! I’ve always been a fan of the sleek hardware designs from Nokia, and over the past 2 months – I’ve really come to love my Windows Phone 7 device (Samsung Focus).


banelings, banelings, banelings, ohhhhh!

You think you PWN3D ME? Say I should GG? n00b, I’ll tell you what – the only thing OP is ME!

hahaha, oh husky – too good. now where are those… banelings, banelings, banelings ohhhhhhhhhh!

Club Can’t Handle Me, addictive version

You know those videos that no matter how many times you watch em, you still laugh every single time? Yeah, this is one of them! haha, it’s like every time I watch it, I notice something new that he does that I didn’t see before. Brilliant.

How smartphone users see each other.

I totally did *not* make this comic – but the brilliant guys over at C-Section Comics did. And well, surprisingly spot on! Considering I have an iPhone and a Blackberry as I so shamelessly mentioned in an earlier post, I can say at least 2/3’s of it rings true. :)


Give me one good reason why school is better than work.


Cuz quite honestly – I can’t. At least not in the UBC Engineering program where they force 6-7 courses on you every term and expect you to “learn” something. How the heck is anyone suppose to learn anything when they’re too busy going nuts trying to get the plethora of assignments and projects done while getting nailed with 4 tests in one week. Who came up with this retarded system anyway? What happened to my weekends? What happened to chilling out and making friends? What happened to having a life? In fact, what happened to learning?


Can’t wait for StarCraft 2? New trailer out to fill the void!

I’m sure I’m not the only one when I say that one of my childhood dreams is finally coming true: StarCraft 2. The original came out in 1998 and still has a cult-like following – especially in Korea.


Can YOU, almighty intern, fix the iPhone 4 antenna-gate problem?!?


Well Apple sure hopes you can! What a surprise it was (well, not really), when I logged on to my university co-op website today, to find a new job posting from Apple! And not just any regular job posting… a very, VERY important one: Antenna Intern! Yes, that’s right. And internship fully dedicated to fixing that iPhone 4 antenna “problem”, because well, full-timers at Apple don’t have time to do it. =)


How to tell when you’re dealing with an Apple fanboy…

Sigh. The Apple fanboy. I think we’ve all dealt with one of these in our lifetime. Those annoying people that don’t actually have a reason for their retarded desire to own an iPhone except for the sake of owning an iPhone. And to send out silly emails with the message “Sent from an iPhone” at the bottom. And to whip it out at every possible moment they can to use the phrase “oh, I think I have an app for that…”. Like STFU already.


Eminem… giving me a reason to spend money on music.


Considering how easy it is to get free music online these days – it’s a big deal when I actually choose to buy an album! Man, spending my hard earned money on (essentially free) music, means I’m doing it for a reason. Typically, I buy an album for one of 2 reasons: