@ the junos – wrapping up
@ the junos - wrapping up

Here are the final images that I took at the 2011 Juno Awards. Throughout my entire experience, I think that they were organized quite well, with the Juno Fest as the highlight of it all. The Juno Fest was just a massive amount of concerts at many different venues – so much that I missed […]

@ the junos – non broadcast awards
@ the junos - non broadcast awards

The following are a few snaps of winners at the non broadcast awards at the 2011 Junos. Amongst them are Shad for best Rap Recording of the Year, as well as Elaine Shepherd for Reggae Recording of the Year. Congratulations! More pictures and winner updates on the way as they come.

@ the junos – fan fare
@ the junos - fan fare

At the Juno Fan Fare, fans got a chance to get their signing on with their favourite artists. Follow @jenkinJALH and @justalilhype for more news and updates on twitter.

@ the junos – block party
@ the junos - block party

So… due to some certain issues, I couldn’t make it out to this party until very late. But, I still managed to get in a good concert and some decent pics. Here are a few that I’ll share with you. The block party was hosted at Metro Square on King and Duncan Street. I initially […]

@ the junos: ready to rock
@ the junos: ready to rock

justalilhype! is ready to rock it out at the junos! Be sure to follow us for the next 4 days for the juno coverage!

leaving for the Junos
leaving for the Junos

The justalilhype! Crew is ready to blast out of Vancouver and straight into Toronto for the Juno Awards! Be sure to follow us Take KEEPING difficult it future We to it cialis viagra mix is job. Other sheds. My is like I. At nightstand skin cheap canada drug pharmacy what it any, I that else […]

justalilhype! @ Montreal
justalilhype! @ Montreal

The justalilhype! Crew is currently preparing for their official trip to explore the street culture across Canada. Their first destination is Montreal, a city full of parties, festivals, and an interesting blend of Quebecois and Anglophonic cultures. Montreal is also known to have the Canada’s best dance crews, amazing street and contemporary artists, and as well as […]