2010 Canadian Hip-Hop Championships

The justalilhype! Crew attended the 2010 Canadian Hip-Hop Championships Vancouver Preliminaries held at Michael J.Fox Theatre. This year, the competition was spread into three divisions: Junior, Varsity, and Senior. The winner of each of the divisions would compete at Las Vegas for the World Title. The preliminary battle meant a lot for dance groups from Greater Vancouver Area, including one team from Edmonton.

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The Junior Divisions included dancers aged 7-12. The Groove Bots were the first to head on to the stage. The young kids out of the crew all wore black toques, yellow rain jackets, and Adidas shoes. Their routine was funky and they also danced to music from The Matrix. This new crew just sparked and have only been practicing their routine for five weeks. Cookies ‘N Cream were the next Junior group to perform. They all wore black t-shirts with large “CNC” written over it, along with red shorts. They also wore black and white gloves. The crew contained two boys and five girls who have been dancing together for three years. Kool Kidz were the next to show up. The crew contained many girls and only one boy. They all wore superman t-shirts. The sound that they danced along too included camera snaps, air plane noises, and the guy captured attention from the crowd by lip singing to Justin Beiber’s “Baby”. The Kool Kidz have been practicing their routine for 3 months and the routine was crafted by their dance instructor, Paul. Fresh 2.0 was up next. They were all wearing blue, and also had blue hair dye on. These kids were very energetic and danced to many old school hip-hop beats. One of the b-boys from the crew was Nathan who is only nine years old.

Volume 1 was the first crew to perform for the Varsity division. They all wore white shorts and black sweaters. This all girl crew danced to many club hits. They also represented Canada proudly on their outfit. Each of the girl’s back contains a letter that spelled out Canada. Volume 1 crew have only recently started dancing, and have practiced together as a crew for less than one year. Alpha Beatz was up next. They wore black t-shirts with paint splashed over each tee which made them look very colourful. Their shoes was also laced with different colours. MPATHY was up next. They all wore a tank top with a skeleton logo imprinted within each of them. The crew had an overall violent and aggressive attitude. They danced to many gun noises and looked mean overall. They also had black eye shadow covered up. This smaller crew have been dancing for about a year and this group is actually a branch division out of twenty other girls. Illestvibe was out next. They danced to many new school hip-hop songs such as “On to the Next One”. They all wore leather jackets. This crew was very talented and stood out against the rest because of their ability to perform multiple flips. They performed with a very high level of energy and this is their third year coming to the competition.

The senior division was perhaps the most intense out of all due to the fact it contained members of all older ages. This division’s competition started off with Sophistifunk. This crew all wore pink tank tops, and black pants. They have been dancing for more than a year. The next crew was Elktrik, they all wore jerseys with Vancity written over, and had knee bands. They looked like a strong team as they did many technical moves such as flips and jumped over one another was ease. They danced along to a very fast pace routine and it definitely was a electric performance. Diamonds in the Rough was next. They were all dressed as zombies and they started off the routine with no control of their arms, and later on as the routine progressed, they were free to used other parts of the body. This all-girl dance crew was not only able to creatively exhibit themselves through their outfits, but the dance style was very artistic. They fused many dance styles together and performed with a enthusiastic attitude. They went for a routine based from popping and locking styles of dance which was conducted successfully. Next up with Praise Team, they all wore green shirts and black jeans. The music portion of their routine was incorporated with sounds of lasers and beams. It was a very energetic performance and was done at a very fast pace and they utilized themes from the then-popular TV show, Reboot. Fly Girls was the next female crew to perform and they flew all the way from Edmonton. They wore black pants and white shoes. Their blue adidas sweater contained bright pink strips. They do not dance in studios but in the streets, which proves to be point as they were able to perform very well to raw hip hop beats. Genesis was another dance crew that was very creative in their appearance. They all dressed up as vampires, and looked very blood hungry. They were red converse shoes along with red adidas sweater with white strips. They also had detailed make up on, as they all had fangs and blood along their face. The crew contained six girls and one guys. They also had white gloves and capes to go along with the creative set. It was a breath taking experience as they were able to physically expressed themselves along with the sound of the set. RXF was next up, it was a all guys crew and they all wore Supras and Black gloves. They looked like a very strong team and had fake tattoo on their arms. Physically, they were able to perform very well, as they were many to do many difficult b-boy tricks such as stands and flips. The crew have been dancing together for 9 months and acted very aggressive on the stage.

The winning title of the Junior Division goes to Cookies ‘N Cream, followed by The Kool Kidz and Fresh 2.0. For Varsity Division, 3rd place goes to Volume 1, 2nd place was awarded to MPATHY, and winner goes to Illest Vibe. Last by not least, RXF and Elktrik were very close in the competition, but they were defeated by Fly Girls from Edmonton. Boombox Saints performed at the very end of the competition along with DJ Relik on the turntables. During half time, Dream Dance performed which was a very big dance crew which contained over twenty female and males. It was a very solid performance by the intermission guest performers and the event was a success. The dancing calibre shown in the Varsity division was a bit weak, and the Senior Division proved to be more creative, but skills wise, it wasn’t as strong as the years prior. The Junior Division was very outstanding and it’s good to see what these young kids will be able to do as they progress in their dance careers, heading into the Varsity and Senior Divisions in the years to come.