DJ 3.0 with Just Blaze

The justalilhype! Crew attended The DJ 3.0 Conference: Vancouver Edition presented by Stylus SpinFest and Marc Ecko Watches on May 22 at Fortune Sound Club hosted by Jenno Chand of Go Getters Entertainment and David ‘Click’ Cox, Co-Founder of Stylus Group. The conference started off with a live interview with Platinum Producer Just Blaze. One of the most established DJs in our city, Flipout got a chance to ask Just Blaze a series of questions regarding the producing industry. Throughout the interview, Just Blaze enlightened the crowd on various methods on handing music to producers, and answered many misconceptions about his new works such as clearing up that he is not involved with Eminem’s Recovery album. During the interview, he made a few humorous remarks and also tackled on many questions about privacy and leak issues. When the justalilhype! Crew asked his opinion on leaks and how it creates HYPE, he answered by saying it does in some way create HYPE but he would rather have it controlled. As stated, he says that uncontrolled leak would always cause problems such as pushing albums to a later date, getting samples cleared up, or hurting record sales financially. The producer discussed the discourses of new media and technology promptly and he also shared his experience on hackers getting into artists’ emails and stealing unreleased songs. His insight to the DJ scene is vast, and DJ Flipout’s interview with him allowed the crowd of up and coming DJs and producer a direct insight of the music industry.

The second portion of the conference featured a panel of industry people. Moderated by Kyle Kraft, the panel included singer/songwriter Chin, Kemo of the Rascalz and Vangaurds, Lexani Llaguno of Nettwerk Music Group and Mike James of Hipjoint Music Group. Speaking about advice in the industry of music, they touched on many points, including the topic of radio, which is the last destination for artists. They also spoke about how the process of being signed and successful requires an entire movement rather than just the artist. Attendees of this portion were mostly aspiring artists or producers and many of the learned very much from this portion of the conference.

The third portion of the conference included one-on-ones with industry members, including DJ Arems and Jay Swing and many other lawyers, presidents, and managers. The one-on-one sessions were the quickest portion of the conference and each participant had about 10 minutes with the professionals.