Event: Ground Zero

On Saturday, February 6th, 2010, the justalilhype! Crew attended the Ground Zero event, hosted by A-Star Studio. Out man Jheric Hizon / BBoy Twist helped us get in. The show was very impressive and well organized and many many bboys, bgirls, hip hoppers, poppers, lockers and more were present, ready to compete for the final prize and ultimate bragging rights. The show was hosted at The River Rock Casino and was very spacious and well lit. On the 1’s and 2’s were DJ Pluskratch, and DJ Teppi.

Pictures and more after the jump

Various veterans of the scene judged each portion of the show, including Jamieson of the Groovy G’s, Kim Sato of ProjectSOUL and the Massive Monkees from Seattle. Crews from beginner to pro were present and members of many crews mixed and matched to form other crews. In the end, it was an amazing show with a huge concentration of talent and community pride.