EVENT: #YVRTwestival

The justalilhype! Crew particpated in Twestival Global 2010. Twestival is an annual event where people around the world meet up offline to rally around the important cause of education and to create awareness to various global issues. Twestival, also known as Tweeter Festival, is a social media event created for the social good. This year, Twestival Vancouver was held at CBC Vancouver’s “The Audience Lounge” in Downtown. The Vancouver-hosted Twestival raised over $6800, which topped all our previous records from previous years. This positive event brought enthusiastic Tweeters from around the city together and everyone got the chance to meet their followers in real life. Not only did people in the event have their cell phones out to tweet and mention about new friends, they also provided us with name tags where Tweeters got to put their Twitter ID on it so people can easily mention. The communication through online micro-blogging definitely kept people that didn’t have a chance to attend updated. There were also two large screen TVs that displayed the hash topicĀ #YVRTwestival and was constantly refreshed which provided people a chance to hear what others have to say about the event in real time. Food throughout the night was provided by Michi Sushi, along with wine served by Hester Creek, Road 13, and Tinhorn Creek. We were also introduced to a new energy drink of the night made by Steaz which kept us refreshed throughout the two hours of Tweeting and networking. Last but not least, entertainment was provided by Smart Pics Photobooth, Rob Cottingham (Comedy), Mojave (Music), Patrick Lok and Jeremy Lim (DJs). We met many new friends throughout the night, and would want to give a big shout out and thanks to Vancouver event’s main organizer Rebecca Bollwitt, along with her organizing team: Marc Smith, Melissa Joaquin, Azita Ardakani, Kim Werker, Sonia Ryan, and Kirsten Bailey. For participants of the event, can you spot yourself in the photos below? If so, leave a comment along with your Twitter ID so people of can follow you, and don’t forget to retweet this post!