Fashionably Ever After

On May 1st, The justalilhype! Crew attended The Chinese Varsity Club’s annual fashion show. This year was the 11th fashion show that CVC has put together and it is titled “Fashionably Ever After”. Committee members Anthony Pan and Courtney Chew kindly brought us around in meeting the designers and organizers for the event. Music was provided by Underfound’s DJ Joe Swick.

This year’s proceeds went towards “The Cinderella Project“. Like where their name is derived from, this charity aims to transform impoverished students with formal attire which enables students to confidently participate in days of recognition such as school gradations. The Cinderella Project is a project which hopes to help students in poverty to boost their self-esteem, and through this, they allow those less fortunate to graduate fashionably.

The doors for Fashionably Ever After opened at 7:00PM. The justalilhype! Crew arrived just in time for the show to commence. CVC’s members greeted us kindly and ushered us to our seats. Along with a package of coupons and offers from sponsors, there were also cupcakes provided by Big City Cupcakes. The collective boutiques and brands that made up the fashion portion of the show included Body Politic, Wise and Proper, Fala, Noir Bonbon, The Fair, Ark Clothing, Killa, Dope Girl Fresh, Privilege Clothing Boutique, Warren Boutique, and Wanny Tang. Each segment of the show provided the audience with a glimpse of an array of fashion styles which kept the audience captivated throughout the night.

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The first runway portion featured females with a more sophisticated look and the colours used by the designers were also very captivating. Body Politic showed how females can look good in the office environment, while Wise and Proper showed mature fits with trendy colours and creative designs. Fala was executed with a very enticing mood as they are capturing both the club and night life scene through their female attire. Dope.Girl.Fresh.’s designs displayed a mixture of various themes but overall, the feel had a street wear attitude and the styles included pink dresses to blue short jeans. It was overall fresh as it showed that girls can be very sexy even when they are in casual wear. Ark Clothing was the first to show male attire. Ark Clothing is a boutique on Main Street since 2006 and they offer men’s and women’s clothing and accessories that are not commonly found in other places in the city. A fusion of pop-culture imagery, such as sun glasses, and leather jackets were used by Ark Clothing to execute their vibrant collection. Killa showed off their wearable electronic collection by displaying simple t-shirts along with vibrant accessories. Warren Boutique showed off the average daily wear, where guys and girls can both look trendy with every-day clothing. Last up was Wanny Tang and her collection proved to be one of the highlights of the night as her set showed off a nice balance of chic and stylish dresses for the ladies to wear. Tang’s collection proved to show comfort and flexibility, and the model exemplified that throughout her runway show. The garments have highlighted each model’s personality and attitude.
The after party entertainment was provided by Aubar Nightclub, and the attendees of the fashion show were invited to enjoy the rest of the night to party with the models and designers. We had a chance to interview Chelsea Sang, the main coordinator of the fashion show and CVC’s social department head.
The fashion show is called “Fashionably Ever After”. What was the overall theme of the event?
It was along the theme of a fairy tale. We wanted to leave it with our beneficiary, the “Cinderella Project”.
There were many different brands and shops that took part of the show. How were they selected for the show?
We approached a bunch of local boutiques. We wanted to get a girlie feel which is seen along with the beginning sponsors. Then we ended off with trendy clothes which anyone can wear.
For every event, there are specific difficulties that are unique to that event. For last year’s “Fashion Rocks”, it was hard to coordinate with all the bands. What do you think is the the biggest challenge this year?
Probably just the production. The building that we hosted the fashion show in didn’t allow us to execute much so it was a constraint as it didn’t allow us to be creative. Everything worked out fine, though.
What should people look forward to in next year’s CVC Fashion show?
It will definitely be good. It’s going to be guys oriented and it’s going to be big!
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