First Annual Aaron Chan x UBC CSA Basketball Tournament 2010

The justalilhype! Crew attended the final competition for a charity basketball event hosted by Aaron Chan Academy. The competition was held at H.J. Cambie Secondary School Gymnasium and many people came out to show their support. The winning team is B2B, second place is Chips, and third goes to SVPGMBC. The B2B and Chips game was very intense due to the fact that B2B was very well behind Chips at the earlier portion of the game. After mid-way, B2B struggled their way through and tied the leading team. A great sign of hustle was showed by both teams and B2B pulled their socks together by formulating an overall better team strategy near the end of the game and earned first place. Overall, the game was entertaining as there were many great three-pointers and rejections made throughout the game. Prizes of the night included media players, one-month Steve Nash Sport Club free membership, and an AtodaC USB flash drive. Music throughout the night was provided by DJ Omniscity.

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