“HERE IS NOW”  is a series of pop-up exhibitions that features the work of contemporary Vancouver artists shown within the unconventional space”. The justalilhype! Crew attended the second addition of this great project by Victor Wang and Natasha Lands. Throughout the night, we visited the great artwork by many local artists. The list of featured artist included Jody Rogac,  Salazar Collective, Heather Martin, Michelle Ford, Graham Landin, Tyler Lepore, Nathan Wiens, Kaput, Peter Taylor, Raif Adelberg, Nick Lepard, Camilla d’Errico, and Andrew Pommier.

Pictures and more after the jump…

There were many dope art throughout the night. Notable mentions through my own personal likings included “DBCH” by Raif Adelberg, which was an artwork of black and white collage with sexual and vulgar language. The next art piece that evoked us was pure life photography by Michlle Ford’s “Ghosts of Solstice” which was simple yet thought-provoking. Graham Landin used lot’s of wool to create a triangular star shaped object which was over 3 feet tall. One of our favorite pieces was “Just as Suddenly it Occurred” by Andrew Pommier. His cartoon themed artwork plays a very fun and extreme comical surreal environment. One that we really enjoyed was the one where a guy was puking out a tree out of his mouth. “Enneagram” by Heather Martin was a piece of string connected into a spider web object – a very large web spread out upon the wall.

Overall, the venue for the second HERE IS NOW installment was a lot bigger and had more artists participating and guests. I am looking forward to visit HERE IS NOW next week as they are having weekly installments for the Olympic break.