On January 28th, the justalilhype! Crew attended the highly anticipated Red Bull 3 Style DJ competition. Last year, it was an event across Canada. This year, Red Bull took this event to a worldwide level. The first Red Bull 3 Style competition all started in Vancouver, BC. This night’s competitors included DJs Tanner, She, Rico Uno, Erik Devereux(Genie), Demoe, Flipout, P-Luv and Ekclectik.

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The event started off with a long line leading to the Commodore Ballroom. The event not only included the average party people but also fans of various competing DJs of the night. Crowd participation and reaction is one of the factors of winning the competition. Each DJ were also entitled to enlist 100 friends on the guest list so needless to say, the guest list line was a lot longer than the ticket holders line. The competition is simple: each DJ gets a 15 minute set to rock a set with a blend of various genres of music. They are basically searching for the best party rocker and most versatile DJ of the night.

DJ Hedspin was not part of the competition but he played before the show started. He performed a quick scratch set just before the show started and it was definitely a good way to excite the crowd before the real deal begins. The first competitor up was DJ Flipout, known as the radio DJ from The Beat. He started off his set by playing “Popular Demand”, and walked swiftly with a 26oz of Vodka on one hand and his jacket over his shoulders, looking ready to rock the crowd. Not only was the playlist he prepared dope but he also added his acting abilities on his set with parts such as taking his laptop out and showing the crowd out and fingering the crowd with the loop of “Fuck That Shit”. His set was comical and musically entertaining.

Next up was DJ Sam Damoe. He wore his red lumber jack hat and rocked the crowd hard. Near the end of his set, he flew out a bunch of CD’s. Which I figured was probably his mixtape. DJ Eclectik’s got a big team with him on stage. With girls holding up his signs, the staged was filled with his supporters. The crowd got HYPEd up with the girls on stage. With his serious look, he seemed like he’s got his mixing game plan on. On the transition to rock music, he flipped out a wig and rocked the party hard.

Then it was DJ Tanner from the Faction Sound Crew. From the name of the crew, it seemed like Tanner’s is specialized in more of the production side of music. The style of his mix included very fast transitions. One of his acts included the pulling out of a toy gun, acting as the effects of “Bang, Bang!”. DJ Genie was up next. He started up with the Lion King, “Circle of Life” intro which caught a great amount of attention from everyone in the house. On the stage, there were four females and two males supporting his DJ set. The two males were ridiculous with one dressed up as Spiderman with an American flag cape, and the other as a big nosed hippie. DJ Genie also used his air horn well to incorporate it as effects for transitions of his songs. The actors reacted well with the crowd and the set was overall very vibrant and entertaining. Quote from the emcee “When you have the genie, you have the circus”. Genie’s set was quite the show.

Rico Uno from the Freshest was up next. Back at his 2009 set, he was known for his crowd suffing ending. This year Rico surprised the crowd once again. Before he started the set, he ripped off the turntables and handed it over to the emcee and said he didn’t need it. Rico performed his set without turntables flawlessly. The transitions and choice of music was superb. He made beats with presets on his set up and it seems like he was focused on creating a solid set with originality and good music, which is what he aims for. After Rico Uno, was a female DJ. The first female DJ to participate in Red Bull 3 Style. She goes by the name of DJ She. With a solid punk themed hair style, she was ready to rock the party. She looks as serious as any of the other contestants and this proves that female DJ’s got their game up as well. “Billie Jean” was very well reacted, as in any party- the music from the King of Pop will forever live on. After her set, well known DJ SKRATCH BASTID ended the show with a solid performance.

The winner of the night goes to Flipout, followed by Tanner and Damoe. Congratulations!