On September 12, the justalilhype! Crew attended Skratcher, an event dedicated to share and inspire the art of turntablism. The event was hosted by Almighty, along with STOKYO and Fake Make. Other supporters of this event included Vestax, Beat4Battle Canada, Northwest Underdogs, Underfound, and TheFarLeft. On the day of the event, bedroom turntablists of Vancouver united together to join this turntablist open session. Even though the room was filled with experienced scratch DJs such as Krisp, Mike MSA, P-Luv, Panakronic, Relik, up and coming turntablists were also able to join the 1s and 2s to jam along. Along with the many of Vancity’s finest turntablists, D-Styles, the legendary scratch DJ from Los Angeles’ Beat Junkies crew also got a chance to perform his set, as well as demoing the Vestax 05 Pro4. Throughout the night, Fake Make and STOKYO had their sections in the room for people to purchase their products. It was definitely a worthwhile event and the plan to share and inspire the scratch culture was been achieved. Over 150 scratch enthusiasts attended and even for those who were not turntablists, everyone had a good time and got to experience the art of turntablism, something that is rare to find in mainstream venues and clubs.. Unfortunately the main curator of the event wasn’t able to attend the night due to the birth of his child, but being one of the longest-standing turntablist in Vancouver, his goals for promoting this art form had been achieved and he tells us to stay tuned for the next edition of Skratcher.

More photos of the event after the jump. Also after the jump are the visuals for the event, shot and put together by our homies TheFarLeft. Be sure to peep it.