One of the more rarer art forms of street culture exists turntablism, the art of using vinyl, turntables, and mixers at the most basic incarnation to create a unique sound. The turntables become the turntablists’ instrument of choice.

Lately, the turntable scene has been dying a bit. With the decrease in popularity and glory of the DMC championships and other scratching sessions, turntablism has become almost a separate class of street culture as a whole.

In a bid to allow people to explore the art and beauty of turntablism, Paul Skratch started an event known as SKRATCHER. IT WILL BE TAKING PLACE SEPTEMBER 12, 2010 AT THE FRANKLIN ROOM. At this FREE event, people will be exposed to live scratching as well as having access to open turntables. There will be live performances of many sorts and free loopers, t-shirts giveaways, and much much more. Artists to perform include Relik, Hedspin, Jolin Ras, P-Luv, Mike MSA, Krisp, Panakronic, Wunderkut, and Paul Skratch himself.

To even people related to the scene, all sorts of hip-hop heads will be coming out to this free event, so this will be a good time to connect with some of Vancouver’s best in the scene.

Check out the event page HERE. For more info, feel free to email