Soo Flava Volume 1 X Noodle Booth X GOLD MMVIII

The justalilhype Crew attended Soo Flava Volume 1 hosted by members of the Groovy Gs: Jaekwong, Jamieson and Johnniboi. Soo Flava is a collection dance competition for all styles of dance including popping, locking, whacking and hip-hop freestyle. The contests throughout the night were 1 on 1 popping, 2 on 2 locking, 1 on 1 wacking, and finally 1 on 1 hip-hop. The battle was hosted at Habour Dance Center and it was a full-house event. Judges for the night included Jeri from Now or Never for hip-hop, Yui from Funk Master Flex for wacking, Sun from Funk Master Flex for locking, and Legend from Motion Sickness (San Diego) for popping. Along with a night full with high energetic battles, music was provided by DJ Bles-sed and DJ Nina. MC Omar Khan hosted the battle with great enthusiasm and HYPEd up the crowd throughout the whole night. “Soo Flava” towels was also released by Made in Character that night for sale during the event. The event was a success and unified the dancing community from all flavours together. The judges at the end of the night was proud to announce the winners of the competition and also shed their views on how to perform better as a dancer in their respective categories. The winners of the night was awarded to Boogaloo Abe for popping, Kim and Taiyo for locking, “Funkadelic” aka JoJo Zolina for whacking, and Teddy Kim for hip-hop.

Furthermore, the justalilhype! Crew hosted a Noodle Booth photo contest with clothing prizes for the top 5 contestants sponsored by GOLD MMVIII. People that came up to our promotional booth were given a pair of chopsticks and a cup noodle as props for the photo. The photo contest’s goal was to look for the most delicious faces. Here are the top five tasty faces out of the night! Hit the jump for more photos of the event and the rest of the Noodle Booth photo contest pictures.