SOULdiers – Identity

The justalilhype! Crew attended the first or two showings of the SOULdiers Company’s annual year end show. This year, the theme was on identity and it was hosted at the Norman Rothstein Theatre in Vancouver.

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The SOULdiers are an audition-based group of dancers that are heavily exposed to the hip-hop culture as a whole, rather than just the dance aspect. Learning on all elements, the dancers are educated about DJing, graffiti, and even beatboxing. Moreover, they are exposed to a variety of different dance styles from different instructors around the world. This definitely produces a well rounded group that is more respectable to the culture they are in.

The show included many different segments that featured many different styles, from hip-hop to popping to locking. Utilizing music ┬áto reinforce their themes, they touched on themes of unity, compassion, and inclusion. The show also featured a guest performance by the Groovy G’s, which included Crew member Jessey Kwong.

Overall, the show was very well done and choreographed. Many dancers were on the stage and sometimes, it was impossible to follow what everyone was doing. Regardless, it was an inspiring show and a well display of street dancing.