The dutil Quintessential Series Launch Party

The justalilhype! Crew was invited to The Quintessential Series launch party by Eric and Darrin, the founders of the very well recognized denim store, dutil, in Vancouver. Throughout the night, people from the high fashion industry along with denim heads were invited to celebrate the global launch event of the brand of denim curated by Eric and Darrin. The in-store party was a mark to celebrate the Quintessential series of jeans which is known for its back-to-bascis aesthetic. The collection consists of both women’s and men’s premium denim. As Eric and Darrin describes to us, The Quintessential Series is so named because dutil jeans feels it will be offering to consumers their “go-to” jean; their new basic.Throughout the night, lots of industry people arrived and we were able to enjoy a night of celebration of the love of denim locally. Appetizers, and beer was served along with a change room peep show, which Eric describes as “just a little HYPEd”.

Learn more about The Quintessential Series HERE.