Vancouver Fashion Week 2010 – Opening Gala

On a stormy April 7th, 2010, the justalilhype! Crew attended the opening gala for Vancouver Fashion Week 2010. The show was located at Open Road Audi and it featured opening statements from show organizers Daniel Lee, Honourary Chair, and Jamal Abdourahman, Producer. The gala had a wide variety of people attending, from students to business professionals to designers. Also out in spades were models and media crew members. The justalilhype! Crew met many different people and saw many old and familiar faces. At the end of the night, we had our umbrellas stolen. The main feature of the show was a showcase of all the designers, something that is done each year. The justalilhype! Crew saw many interesting hair styles and makeup, much better than last year.

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This year, Vancouver Fashion Week go-ers can enjoy lines from:

Fever London
Hot Air
Civil Society
Lav & Kush
Red Jade
Eva Chen
The True’s
Retarded Velvet
Drew William
Malicious Manor & Decadence
Kids Show
Brand Candy
Jen Cameron
Sarah Runnalls
Andrea Bagna
Wilber Tellez
Adrian Wu
Lori Dawn
Papillion/Diana & Gree

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