As the first 35 days or so of 2014 and Lunar New Years goes by, the justalilhype! Crew continues to coordinate and plan behind-the-scenes to reach our goals and initiatives as discussed in my earlier note with Jenkin.

January was indeed a frantic month, however, the latest additions to our family: Chris, Nico and Allan got a chance to meet up with Patrick and myself over drinks at Gas Town. The discussion ranged from topics of 2014 initiatives for justalilhype!, and also individual goals. It was a exuberant time for us to communicate our upcoming partnerships, collaborations and trips that all of us will be heavily involved in. It sure looks like an eventful year.

The photographers of our Crew will be hosting the first ever Photo Walk Session, titled #streetsofyvr. It’s happening on Feb 15, 2014. It’s an open event and we plan to lead these sessions across Canada to share our knowledge on street photography. We will also be supporting a local street dance battle in Vancouver “Youthful Expression 2″, which is coming up this Friday on Feb 8, 2014.

There are many exciting surprises in the works, and we would also like to welcome our latest Scribes to our team: Glenda, Arturo, Joy. Our social media coordinator Karen. Momentum is picking up, and I hope you enjoy your stay at with us as we continue onward.


Yours Truly,

Alan Ng