DANCE YOUR HEART OUT – Interview with Organizer

Only two days away, the justalilhype! Crew got the chance to have a conversation with Christine Trinh, the main organizer for the event Dance Your Heart Out. Happening on June 16th, 2011, this event will be one of the HYPEst underground event of the year for Montreal. Be sure to attend and support a good cause. The least you can do is read this inspiring story.

Please introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Christine Coco Trinh and I am 22 years old. I am currently studying marketing at Concordia University, and I volunteer for non-profit organizations on my spare time. I love to travel, in fact just be anywhere where there’s a beach and where you can surf. I like to snowboard, play soccer, and stay active. Fashion, music, art, writing, and learning guitar are some of my biggest interests. I’m a sociable and outgoing person, and love to laugh.

Tell us how you are connected with the hip-hop community and how have you been involved with it in the past.

Well, I was always intrigued by Hip Hop. I love to watch people dance, especially the hip-hop genre. It’s raw emotion, basically music but in physical form. I think dance is one of the best forms of self-expression; and of course hip hop music as well. I use to take hip-hop dance classes and really enjoyed it. I plan on starting back again.

Obviously, you have gone through some tough times in the past, how did undergoing heart surgery change your life?

It changed my life completely. I mean at the time of recovery, it was definitely one of my toughest moments. Before that I was living a very active life, which I still am to this date but I guess I was over-doing it a little too much back then. I was working at the club and I was partying a lot. I guess I overworked my body. After going through an open heart surgery, you kind of get a reality check and you realize you have to slow down, listen to your body. You also see what really matters in life and who is really there for you, and want to feel alive. You realize that life is short, and it makes you want to be a better person. Through that, I also discovered another side of myself because at the time of recovery, I was incapable of physical activities. I discovered a different side of me; my forms of therapy were painting, drawing, writing, learning guitar, and music was my therapy. I figured I wanted to be a better person—since I got a second chance, why not make a difference if you can?

How did this experience lead up to the event? Tell us more about Dance Your Heart Out.

What happened was when I got out of the hospital, I was telling my doctor that I wanted to give back to the heart institute for giving me a second chance at life. The doctors and staff at the Montreal heart institute are really good at what they do, and they change peoples’ lives. I met one of the men who volunteered to prep patients before surgery, and he looked at me almost in tears when he saw my painting that I drew which said, “Where miracles happen.” He said, “It’s because it really was a miracle for me.” It just goes to show that these people do perform miracles and they are one of the most reputable cardiology hospitals in the world. Basically, I wanted to support them and acknowledge their excellence by raising funds so they can continue to save lives of young individuals like myself before it is too late.

At the same time, I realized that this is an issue that is not talked about often, and at times you will hear incidents where young people get heart attacks or strokes and had no idea of their heart problems. I checked the statistics and found out that within every seven minutes in Canada, someone dies from heart diseases or stroke. So basically, I had this vision of a way to give back, and with the help of my team; a group of young individuals, my friends, which I couldn’t have done without them, created an event called DANCE YOUR HEART OUT. We want to not only raise funds for the Montreal Heart Institute, we want to increase the awareness among the youth about heart disease, and those affected, to someday help prevent it because when you are more aware of it, you can avoid making decisions that tends to be more prone to developing heart disease. At the same time since I discovered how passionate I am about music and dance, I kind of thought it would be a good opportunity to expose great talent in Montreal. We have a lot of it in here and I knew that they would connect with this cause. I think it’ll be a unique experience on how we are using music and dance to help raise awareness. That’s why it is called “Dance Your Heart Out”. Dancing is such a release of emotion and dancing your heart out, especially when it is to do with the heart as being the cause. That’s pretty much what happened.

Can you tell us a little more about the concept of the event, how it is going to go down.

Well, basically, it’s held at the Rialto. It is a pretty big venue, and it’s very nice. It has a classier look but I told myself it’s still appropriate, and it is going to be fun, different. We are trying to get as many people as possible. We don’t want to make it just an event for the youth, we want people to come support the youth as well. I think it’s a cause every one can connect to. We are going to have a break dance competition, a popping competition, amazing dance crew performances; 24K, WarInc from Urban element, and Buck Swans, as well as musicians such as 4DZ and LEILA, that are all there to perform for the cause. It is going to be an awesome experience. We just want this event to reach our goals. I have all the support from my family and friends and I’m really excited. I met some good people throughout planning this event, and everyone is just very supportive, and offering to help out. I am really grateful for that.

What is HYPE?

Something exciting –when you are HYPED up about something, It’s a good feeling, an emotion. A good vibe, passion—something that people can probably connect to.