Event: Battle of T.N.G – Just Battle 3 on 3

The justalilhype! Crew visited the Oakridge Centre Auditorium for another Battle of T.N.G event. Not only did the event included exhibition battles of Vancouver dance crews versus Korean dance crews, Art of Movement crew from the states also battled throughout the night. There was also a special performance by Animation Crew. The numbers of dance crews that signed up extremely high due to the past successes so each battle was kept short. Nevertheless, the b-boy and b-girl crews throughout the night exemplified a high-energetic performance. The crews that took part of “Just Battle 3 on 3” included: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, SophistiCats, Locus of Control, BREAKAHOLICS, 3 commando, Floorigami, Brothers4Life, Hogu Crew, Absolut Crew, Loci of Control, NOS, boogie down raskulz, Doofaboich, Focus of Control, Battle reflexes, Hamburgerguided Crisis, Deadbeat Ninjas, ill mannered school boyz, the halfway crooks, King of Souls, know your roots crew, love at first sight, Kim Jk47 and Tayio, Nation of Funk, Floor Storm, XSF Crew, Doppel Gangers, Kardboard Kings, Unleashed, k killing, LOC, tribe called storm, TL, and FVF Crew, and the highly-anticipated crew: Art of Movement. It was good to see the breaking scene of Vancouver come together to host yet another successful event. With over 300 guests and more than 40 dance crews including ones that came from different parts of the world, the night was definitely HYPED up by the collective energy of the attendees.