Hamburger Disco x Camilla d'Errico

The justalilhype! Crew got a chance to catch up with the hungry Hamburger Disco boys and the internationally recognized Vancouver-based artist Camilla d’Errico. For the final release of the artist collaboration series for the Hamburger Disco Pop-Up Shop, the Chibi girls created by Camillia meets a juicy giant burger. Throughout the night, Hamburger Disco brand followers and Camillia d’Errico’s die-hard art fans got a chance to mingle and enjoy the night with the catering of special mini-burgers. Hit the jump for an interview with Hamburger Disco and Camillia d’Errico.

Please start off by introducing yourself to our readers.

M: My name is Matt.

C: I am Camilla d’Errico.

J: My name is Jay.

Tell us how this collaboration started off. How did you guys get in touch with each other?

M: When we first won the pop-up space from Raise, we wanted to do something cool and bigger than what we are, and we are not good artists ourselves….

J: No, definitely not!

M: But we were like, let’s do collaborations. It was something that we always wanted to do and to make it even better, why not work with Vancouver artists only. We found 8 awesome artists and we got our roster made. For the last week, we needed the best artist in Vancouver. It wasn’t even a question; we didn’t even have to think. And it was Camilla.

J: We were all big fans with Camilla before even starting this, so I mean we threw it out there. We had no idea if she was down to do it, luckily she was nice enough to respond.

M: It was one of those emails that you just throw it out of there and just don’t expect much. But when we got the email back from Camilla, and she said she was interested. We were like “Wow!”

J: Score!

C: It’s so cute and you guys are awesome! I mean I was so excited when you guys asked me because I love working with local people. I mean the fact that you guys are working with a lot of local artists is great, that’s one of the best things in the city. There’s so much art and culture and the fact that you guys did the pop-up shop, that’s such a cool thing to do nowadays.

J: I think it fits our demographics really well with the pop-up. I mean one of the big things we had with our pop-up store is that it’s really hard for Vancouver artists to have the time and opportunity to show case their work, and with us lucking out and actually getting this retail space for free, we might as well share it with other Vancouver artists to get their name out there, and introduce themselves to others.

M: And it’s not like there’s none, there’s so many out there. Vancouver has a lot of cool artists but Vancouver is such a city of industry that they are all working for video game companies or movies. It’s not like in L.A where everyone out there has their own line, these guys are super talented but you never get to hear their names because they are art directors or film makers, or super comic book artists.

(Everyone laughs.)

C: Well yea, it’s hard to start your own line for sure. I was stoked when you guys wanted to do Burn t-shirts.

J: And it turned out really well.

C: I love them! I think you guys really killed the design. I thought they were great.

Going back to the design of the t-shits, I know you guys have incorporated both the Hamburger Disco theme and Camilla’s characters. Tell us more about the design.

C: When the guys first approached me to do the collaboration, I thought about doing something really cute because I love the designs you guys had going on. One thing I never had the opportunity to do on t-shirts was my Chibis. Chibis are the super deformed Japanese characters. I thought to myself how awesome it would be if I could do a whole army, well a whole group of hungry comical Chibis and people are going crazy about it. So I thought what would be super cute to have these little girls eating this giant burger because honestly, that’s what I want, more than anything, just a giant burger to eat. I am a super fan of the movie, Honey I shrunk the kids.

With a lot of your artwork, it’s really colorful. It’s something that really stands out on top of being cute. Why are the Chibis black and white?

C: I think Matt can answer that question.

M: We did the coloring. Well, two things. We really wanted the Hamburger to pop, so we thought it would pop better if at first that the Chibi were all black and white, because you would first see the cute Chibis, then you would still see the logo. Sorry if that sounds too corporate. Then we were looking at it, and we thought it was missing something. Those helmets were so awesome and you know we have to make helmet girls pop as well. And what better way to do it, then to make it silver, right? So when we saw it, we made everything black and white, colored the hamburger, and made the helmets pop. We were really happy with the way it turned out.

C: I thought it was brilliant to do the helmets silver, because it’s the metallic part of it that made it pop up. It was great, I loved it.

J: Could we say that the Chibi girls might have an anime series coming soon? I am thinking about it now and it totally reminds of that anime series, Kanon, that rock girl one.

M: Yea, these 6 girls would just run around and just eat things.

C: I do have a surprise about the Chibis though, because I am working with a company called Inner Sanctum and we might be releasing some 3-D Chibis!

M: Are we talking about vinyl dolls?

C: Yea. I am so excited, like I have designed a line of them. I am not saying what’s coming out first, but stay tuned.

We actually asked this question to Hamburger Disco boys before, but Camilla, what’s your favorite hamburger shack?

C: That is so funny because I was researching online about the best burger place. Just because there’s this Facebook ad on this giant burger but it’s at Abbotsford, but I didn’t want to go all the way there to try it. I don’t eat a lot of burgers out, I don’t know. I think Fat Burger was really good in the West End; they have gigantic juicy burgers. It’s not chic though.

J: It’s not a boutique burger!