It's Bigger Than…

First time ever in Vancouver… Dead Prez.

It was live at Fortune Sound. Another sold out show.  When I arrived at 11pm, the place was already packed.  I thought to myself, “Wow already?”. People were already hyped and ready for the show to start.  Kai, 1/2 of The Shottas set if off with an energetic performance.  He showcased his emcee skills down to his vocals. He was then joined by his partner in crime, Atlin of The Shottas and Matt Brevner.  It was my first time to see Kai live after hearing so much about him.  Dudes vocals are crazy, on that rocker rapper tip.

Jaykin then took over the stage, with DJ Seko on the tables.  It was Jaykin’s very first solo show at Fortune Sound.  He performed songs off his latest mixtape, Sneakers and Video Games.  The crowd went wild for his 8-bit inspired songs.  Jaykin got the whole crowd to put their “1s”in the air.  It was crazy to see dudes from the very front all the way to the very back with their “1s” up.  This man impresses me every time.  He killed it.

Hit the jump for more and M-1 also known as Dead Prez, killed the stage.  The place was so live.  Everyone cheering, hands in the air, it was a sight to see.  This is the part when my camera battery dies and was unable to take anymore photos! BAH!!  On a positive note, I got to focus more on the show.  They performed  hits tracks such as Hell Yah, Politrikkks and Mind Sex.  They also did some new stuff off mixtapes, preached about politics and eating right.  It’s crazy to see what they look like now and compare them to back then which was like only ten years ago.  To top it off, they performed their biggest hit “Hip-Hop”.  You must see the video.

To see more pics of the show click here.