Play Your Cards Right

On Friday, June 11, 2010, the justalilhype! Crew attended Play Your Cards Right, an event put on by Funk N’ Sole Entertainment, with us as sponsors. Held at the ballroom at Moxies, the event was pretty solid and had a different vibe from some of the other battles / jams that the Crew has been to. The event started around 6:30, just a little bit of time after everyone came in and settled down. On the turntables was DJ Flipout, spinning the right music to get everyone not only pumped to battle, but also nostalgic about their practice jams. Hosting it was Funk N’ Sole’s Arthur Tiojanco, who destroyed it with 20 some odd rounds of battling simultaneously. This happened about half way through. The jam overall was the typical setup: crew versus crew then solitary battles, and then swap back and fourth.

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For us, solitary battle was the most intense. Near the end, you kind of expect it to be high strung because it’s down to the last two. But in reality, the first round of solitary battle is where it matters the most. The bboys were split up into two groups, and the winning group was eliminated on the spot. If you goose it, you let down everyone on your side, including veterans and newbies to the battle scene. It’s more intense than crew battle because you’re not letting down your friend, but some other breaker that you respect and want to battle.

As the night wore on, the breakers seemed to have infinite energy. The positive side is the lack of energy drinks present in peoples’ hands. They all seemed to be powered on their own gas, probably mom’s cooking. Relentless battle after relentless battle, it went on for hours and hours. Alas, all good things need to come to an end and more and more got eliminated.

In the final rounds, the States took it home. Repping Seattle, theMteam won the two versus two. Repping Portland, Impulse took home the solitaire battle.

Despite the tension of the final battles, all battles end up with acknowledgement of the other battler, regardless of skill level gaps. Respect is the biggest thing in the scene, something that words can never describe.