In this episode of “IN HYPE WE TRUST”, we have the Co-founder and Editor for justalilhype: Jenkin Au! He talks about his views on HYPE, and check out his “HYPE IS DEAD” article. From talking about himself to his goals in life.  He shares his belief and ideologies straight from his heart.

As being part of the staff team of justalilhype! what makes you an important contributor to the crew?

I think that while Alan and I are both pretty creative, Alan definitely takes the cake for creativity. My job is to keep everything in line and make sure things get done. There was a point in time where Alan was slacking off, and I think if I hadn’t sent him a motivational email, this whole project would be in the pits right now. I also take care of the business and organizational aspect of the project.

Where do you see yourself and justalilhype! in a few years?

In a few years, I have no idea where I’ll be. My life is pretty volatile right now as I have many opportunities and many plans, but no matter what, justalilhype! will still be here. What will justalilhype! be doing? We’ll be bigger than ever. We have ambitious goals, and many of them are ridiculous, but if everything was what we expected, then it’ll be like we’re walking along side mom and dad to the park, and you’ll never get the goods.

Why should people read justalilhype! ?

In our community, there are tons of interesting things out there. The problem with the Vancouver community is that all the hype is spread out, at best. What we want to do is expose all this and get people to know what’s in your own backyard. They may not have a five million dollar name, but they’re still pretty damn good at what they do; even if its the average Joe or Susie, they got a pretty interesting story.

What inspires you? Are there any people that you have in mind?

Music is my inspiration, my passion, and my love. Music has played such a huge role in my life, and although you hear it so often, music really does have the power to change minds and hearts. Whenever I’m down, I’ll pop in the earbuds and zone out into my own little world, probably to the song

If you could do anything what would you do?

I think that most people will answer this question with a superhero type question. If I could do anything superhero related, I’d fly for sure (although super speed is pretty attractive). But my normal answer would be to raise the integrity of all individuals. We got a lot of people that just make us think twice about what they’re doing in life. I get so disappointed when I hear about some of the results that some people can produce. I know it’s all relative, and our cultural principles are different from others, but there has be some sort of universal right or wrong, stupid or smart.

What is HYPE to you and why “justalilhype!”?

HYPE to me power and excitement, and just wanting something so bad, that you just have to have it. HYPE is all about energy and the power that flows from one person to another, and keeps going until everyone is HYPEd up, all energized to do something, or get something, or want something. The highest level of HYPE that I have had was created by myself.

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justalilhype! is the name of this magazine because we know Vancouver has the hype, and it has a lot of potential. We just got to start somewhere with it all, so just a lil hype for now

Photography by: Nico Mak