justLISTEN! Elise Estrada

Elise Estrada, known mostly for singles such as “Insatiable”, “Unlove You”, and “Crash and Burn”, really shot to fame after signing with Rockstar Music Corp. It was a very tight day for Elise, but we got to ask her some cool questions about her life and music.

Do you have any new singles coming out soon?

We just released my latest single, Poison, and the next one will be a track called “One Last Time”, which is also on the album.

Do you feel any pressure to change the way you are to conform to the flowing trend of music culture?

Pressure? No, not really. I’ve been pretty good and I’m in pretty good hands. A lot of what I do is guided, but I still get to be me.

How does it feel to go so fast from being a person doing your own thing to an international celebrity, topping the charts?

It feels really good. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world, doing what I’m doing, just because there are so many talented people out there. I’ve been to auditions and contests all over the place and I’ve seen how many talented people there actually are, and they don’t even get this opportunity. To be doing what I’m doing, it’s just great, and it’s changed my life like crazy. I don’t even have “me” time anymore! Right after the Juno’s, I thought I was going to have some relax time, but no, not really. It’s been good though, I can’t really complain.

Have you ever gone though any adversities that have really shaped you to be who you are?

This whole industry is just full of struggles. I moved to L.A. about two years ago and things seemed to be going really well. My sister and I managed to land a deal with Disney where we got to shoot some pilots for some series, but it didn’t end up happening; I came home devastated, but I pulled through and kept on going.

Are any of your friends and family neglected due to your status? How do you cope with your responsibilities as a celebrity and as a friend and family member?

I don’t even get time to see my family and my friends, and they have definitely felt neglected. Even my little sister, and she’s always complaining! I do try to give them a call and say, “hey, what’s up?” but they definitely understand that this is my career and my priority, and they want me to succeed so they’re understanding.

Has any of your views on the music industry changed since your entrance?

I started singing at such a young age, but professionally, I’ve been singing since I was about 15. When I first started learning about the music industry, I was ready to just give up. But it really hasn’t changed much for me. I guess it makes me a little more aware of the real world.

Music is so intertwined with other industries such as fashion and dance. Do you have any plans or aspirations to venture into these areas?

Definitely into fashion. I thought about it, and definitely have some plans on doing it. In terms of fashion, I want to have my own line; is that silly? (Laughs nervously) I even have a logo thought up already! I want to call it Tease but instead with two “e’s” and a “z”, making it “Teeze”. But I don’t know for now, I might just start off with normal clothing, like t-shirts and jeans, and then slowly move into a high end clothing line.

Which song of yours is your own personal favorite? What aspects bout this song makes you really like it?

My personal favorite, I would have to say, would be “Unlove You”. It’s just so girl power, or not even girl power, it’s just for everyone. Anyone can relate to it; if you’re in a bad relationship or if someone is treating you badly, then you just have to unlove them.

What things in life would you be doing if you weren’t a pop star and what would you see yourself enjoying other than singing?

I can’t even imagine doing anything else. I probably would own a restaurant? I don’t know why, but it’s probably because I’m the oldest of four kids and I enjoy cooking a lot. I mean, being the oldest of four, especially from an Asian family, it’s like, “hey, you’re the oldest, go cook.”

Canada, and especially British Columbia, has a very strong sense of multiculturalism. How has growing up here helped you in life and more so in your career in the entertainment industry?

I don’t think our culture has anything to do with that actually. I guess it really gets people talking and thinking because if you go, “hey, you know that girl that sings Insatiable? Well, she’s Asian.” and then you actually get them checking out Youtube. You either gain a fan or a hater from that, but either way, it gets people talking!

Name some things you look for in a guy, and some things that turn you off.

Alright! I want a normal guy, just as long as they’re nice and they make me laugh. They don’t even have to be in the industry, just someone that is nice and understanding to what I’m doing.

As a celebrity, what are some challenges that affect your love life?

The fact that I don’t have TIME for a love life! That can’t really be a priority right now!

Everyone has good and bad times. What do you do to get your motivation up and going?

Well, sometimes, if I’m not feeling motivated or inspired, then I would listen to some music, or I’ll watch Beyonce perform. I have all her DVD’s and I absolutely love her! She’s amazing and I love watching people doing what they love to do. It reminds me why I’m doing this, and it’s because I love music and I love performing.

What advice and tips do you have for people that are just up and coming and going through the competitions that you’ve gone through?

Work hard. Every time, you just have to bring it. Going into competitions is always hard, and the great thing about this is it gives you a good taste of how the music industry really works and how competitive the music industry really is. It makes people wonder and realize if the music business really is what they want to do as a career.

What is HYPE?

What is HYPE? HYPE is, COME ON! When I perform, I think about HYPEing up my audience. Right before a show, we always go, “alright, let’s get this crowd HYPEd up!”.

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Photography by Nico Mak & Jarvis Ho