DJ JTraxx and DJ Trizzak are a team DJ, DJing at local clubs and shows. We got to hear their background and DJing views. As they are both young DJs, they share their stories and experiences of spinning in both the high school and the night club scene.

Tell our readers about yourself.

T: I’ve been DJing for about 6 years, been with EPIK since the beginning and TRACK1 for almost three years now. Yeah, all I do is DJ; whole life, I guess.

J: DJing for almost two and a half years now. Trizzak helped me out from start to bottom, and I mean, like, bottom to top. Been working for TRACK1 and EPIK for around a year now.

What inspired you to DJing?

J: For me, I started DJing when I saw DJ Trizzak spinning at my high school. I asked him if he is Filipino and he said yes and I was like, “wow you got to start teaching me how to DJ”. From there, I started bugging him from then on and that’s how I started!

T: That makes me feel very old now!
(Everyone laughs)

T: First, I started using old school Discmans in events, fading in and fading out songs; old school, you know. Then people said I got the talent and encouraged me to try DJing. I went to my friend’s house who owned turntables and checked it out and it looked fun. From there, I got going!

How did Trizzak bring JTraxx up?

T: Pretty much I asked JTRAXX to help out and we started doing a lot of gigs together. Then I brought him to TRACK1 and I told him areas that he had to work on. Then I brought him to the EPIK level – the clubs. To sum it up: first I gave him a shot at TRACK1, and then I saw something in him, so I brought him in the clubs.

How did you guys get your names?

J: For me, it was for the love of music – TRACK. One of the older DJs I looked up to in Philippines was called TRACK1 and he was cool, so I got the name JTRAXX. Yeah, you know? Junior Traxx!
(JTRAXX puts on a proud face)

T: My sister first gave me three different names to choose from. First, I was thinking about A TRACK1 but there was already a TRACK1. Then my sister was like Trizzak, and Trizzak means TRACK1. It was back in the era where Snoop Dog had “Shizzle my Nizzle” you know? The name Trizzak was actually in a couple of his songs but I didn’t know. People said I jacked the name which is not true.

How did you guys build up this relationship?

J: It’s all about the chemistry. We like the same style of music, that’s why we stick together

Have you guys decided to name for your DJ duo?

T: I did, and I have thought of the something along the lines of TEAM TRACK1…
(JTRAXX Disagrees)

J: No man! There’s already like Team Canada already, right? I want something more unique. So right now, we are still thinking of a name.

Can you tell us a bit of your style of DJING?

T: Hip Hop R&B, pretty much everything.

J: Ya man, what TRIZZAK said, and I do some sort of electrical mesh up as well.

What would be your group greatest weakness?

T: I’ll probably say MCing for each other. We are alright but not up to the standard of club MCs.

J: HYPEing up the crowd is one of the challenges we face.

T: You need that type of voice.

J: Exactly; that craziness and that energy

J: “Sup, put your hand up” – “clap your hands” – “put your hands up” that’s all we know how to say.
(Everyone laughs with JTRAX)

What is your insight on DJing as a whole?

J: For me, it’s my hobby to share with the people you know. Pretty much whenever I am bored and when I see my turntables at home, I’ll start to spin.

T: It’s my job and hobby. I’ve been doing this for 6 years straight. Hustling and grinding…

What are some international DJs you look up to?

T: Qbert and DJ Baby Yu

J: Yup, DJ Baby Yu and DJ Sir Scratch

What are some issues within the DJ scene right now?

T: I would say that there’s a whole bunch of DJs that just want to DJ for external reasons. They just buy a ScratchLive box, laptop and start from there. You see, a record typically costs 30 bucks. I didn’t have a car before so I had to sky train, too, and that’s another 5 bucks. I really started from the beginning with buying records.  Other than that, the music format needs to be change; I know the radio is important to expose the charts. Anyway, those things are out of our control; due to our crowd and people that live in Vancouver. It’s different than music in the states; people here are a bit behind.

J: People just buy their laptop; get turntables and try to mix. They don’t know how hard it is, from finding the correct BPM (beats per minute) to learning the basics of how to use a turntable. The foundations are lacking.

T: I guess it’s opening the industry for people to become, quote un-quote, “DJs”

J: But it’s very important for people to experience it from the bottom.

Being one of the younger DJs out there, what challenges do you face and how do you cope with your issues?

J: I guess I have to go with the flow. Keep practicing to be better and more skilled to constantly improve myself.

Can you tell us more about TRACK1?

T: TRACK1 throws high school events. Pretty much what inspired me to start TRACK1 were the experiences I have learned when playing at high school dances. I also wanted to get people off the streets and to have fun and enjoy of themselves in a good TRACK1 night. It’s a good experience for students from different high schools to have a good time together. We also recruit promoters which allow them to have early job opportunities; teens can start to learn networking at a young age.

What are some challenges you see in TRACK1?

T: I’ll say planning the whole event. People always don’t know that there’s so much to put behind the scenes for an event. People think an event just happens. Everything, from operations to hiring staff, are just some of the obstacles out of many we have to cope with.

What do you think about the Vancouver night clubbing scene?

T: I guess there’s a limited amount of venues and people stick to the same areas. I think it will be better if we have bigger venues so we can throw bigger gigs. Not different people in different clubs but everyone partying together.

J: A really big club; clubs here are very small, Gossip is the biggest, but too many small clubs.

Most memorable gig?

T: DJing for MTV Canada. I got to go on TV and DJ and people saw me on TV!  As a team I would just say working together for TRACK1.

J: For me, Asian Hip Hop Submit (Asian rappers and MCs battle event). It was my first time DJing in the club. I met a lot of different MCs that night, all really, really dope. I almost pissed in my pants! I was like “holy shit.”

What advice would you give up and coming DJs?

T: Practice, work hard and network

J: Be patient, be nice!

T: Be humble in what you do.

What is HYPE?

T: HYPE is continuations build up of momentum, having an event build up, HYPEd up.

J: HYPE is like a big energy, blasting, jumping.

T: HYPE is your favourite word man! (TRIZZAK looks at JTRAXX)

J: HYPE is like making the people go crazy, “what’s up! Put your hands up!” HYPE IS EVERY DJS WORD


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Photography by Nico Mak