On April 1st, 2009, the  justalilhype! Crew attended Kwantlen’s fashion design graduate fashion show. It was simply named, “The Show”. The fashion show displayed designs by 27 graduates who all had a different style and direction in fashion.

The event displayed various fashion styles created and designed by 27 different graduates that have worked very hard to come up with this final project.

At the beginning of the show, Sarah Bancroft came up to address the crowd, an individual who is very well respected in the industry. She is the Editor-in-Chief of and Daily Dose Media. As the special guest, she shared three tips for success in life to the crowd and the bright fashion design graduates in Kwantlen. Her advice was the following: 1. Learn business: Whatever kind of business or industry you want to get into, make sure you take the time to learn it. Money can be after. 2. Take risks now: Travel, explore and (smiles) don’t stay in school too long and build a good repertoire! 3. Lastly, don’t believe everything you see on Project Runway. (The crowd laughs)

The night was filled with surprises and excitement due the large variety of different fashion styles displayed. The models included experienced catwalk models, as well as little children. With a strong introduction video, the show began as a continuation of the film. The video showcased the process of how Kwantlen fashion designers got their designs to where they are that night. From concept to manufacturing, the video has definitely HYPED up the crowd…

The list of design graduates had stated the following about their designs!

Christine Tai with her brand, Matriarch: “A blast of grandiose attitude, striking silhouettes, and eye watering colors – prepare to take the dive into glamorous hysteria.”

Connie Laalo: “Double Trouble offers busty young women the support they need in styles the want to wear. This is NOT your sister’s bra line.”

Long Division designed by Nicole Ballash is described by the following: “Tailored to the long and tall male body, Long Division mixes modern details and traditional suiting.”

For the younger boys out there, Carolyn Chow writes the following about her brand: “Clothing as playful and expressive as the boy who wears them.” – KYLE & LIAM.

Eleni Rounis: “Astra presents real women with luxury, ready-to-wear garments for evening”.

Muzik Performance Streetwear, “for party and keep cool with functional street wear for DJs that remixes sustainable fabrics loud and clear” by Jennifer Lynch.

Among the Willows by Kathryn Becker: “Inspired by rustic refinement, Among the Willows creates functional clothing for the modern western rider. From the trials to the streets, she’ll always look and feel fabulous.”

Patty Nayel: “Pure Magnolia provides modern bridges style without sacrifice. Eco-friendly fabrics and couture styling give conscientious brides a dress that they will cherish.”

For the younger generation of girls out there, Julie Strobl and Gen U: “Be U. Love U. Gen U. Devoted to the well being of young girls everywhere.”

Phaedra Godchild: “Baron Menswear is a collection aimed at catering to the astute corporate consumer and inspired by the concept of introducing a new way of dressing for the office.”

Carina Gonzalez: “Powder Room, a mix of fashion and function, this collection is designed to suit the needs of a young, modern mom-on-the-go.”

Kristine Aquino: “Nefreterie: Poetic architecture and desert sunsets have inspired Nefreterie’s elegant array of luxurious and ornate evening wear for Fall ’09.”

Another brand for kids, Devilish Gear by Niki Chung: “For the curious adventurous, and mischievous little guy travelers out there.”

Theodora Lee: “Perception made for the young, Asian, small-statured man who wants clothing that is appropriate not only for his lifestyle and aesthetic, but also his body type and proportions.”

Matilda Chiu: “Statement underwear for the understated women. underSTATEMENTwear is a luxury foundation garment line for small statured, small-busted women.”

Nicola Ireland: “Essence is a line of contemporary dancewear for girls who stand out from the crowd and dance like everyone is watching.”

Rachel Zaharik: “Rachel Louise provides clothing for the tween who doesn’t want to compromise her beliefs for her sense of style.”

Asylum by Janis Brunke: “Rock the Trail with fun, functional adventure racing gear for hardcore girls who aren’t afraid to get dirty!”

Taravat Rahmati: “Soft, flowing fabrics stay cool while colors captivate the warmth and tranquility of a striking sunset… Experience Ziba.”

Christianne Iulianella designed by Klinik Kollektion: “She is the medical or dental profession and is employed at a boutique style clinc.”

Lina Caschetto: “Establishing functionality and contemporary identity for the creative class: raison d’etre.”

Heather Clark: “HeathCharles clothing is for the bold, colourful, energetic, vibrant, playful, adventurous, lively, confident, quirky, tall girl with a bright personality.”

Sarah Anderson: “Drawing inspiration from eccentric Edie Bouvier Beale, Rara Avis combines design with awareness, satisfying today’s young affluent woman’s desire for style with substance.”

Leith Irvine: “Keeping aesthetic, comfort, and safety in mind, Caledonian offers riders the versatility to go from motorcycle to dinner date in style.”

Heel Forward by Ming Itakura: “Performance, weatherproof apparel for urban women who actively walk dogs every day, rain or shine, and do not want to compromise on fashion”

Lisa Tanner: “NARRATIVE womenswear offers elegant, contemporary styling intricately embellished with graphic Plains Indian motifs.”

Cavalier by Kiomi Renwick: “Inspired by classic 1920s bespoke tailoring, Cavalier is business wear designed for the urban cycling commuter.”

Be sure to be on the look out for next year’s Kwantlen Graduate fashion show!

Photography by Nico Mak