Paul Belen shares his insights and passions as he talks about his ALMIGHTY lifestyle. This lifestyle brand is one of Paul’s latest project. Other than being the originator of the brand, Paul is also a DJ, a member of the Boombox Saints, and with all the above, it spawns a brand that he is about to release to the masses.

Does ALMIGHTY only have clothing in mind? Or is it a company with more surprises under the table?

ALMIGHTY originally was intended to serve as the name for the fashion line. However, it has grown into a lifestyle product, which covers fashion, music, marketing/advertising and day to day life. DJ PLUSKRATCH, BOOMBOX SAINTS, PAUL MIGHTY, and ALMIGHTY CREATIVE falls under the ALMIGHTY umbrella.

What is your vision for ALMIGHTY in one year?

ALMIGHTY is still in it’s beginning stage. A lot of time and work still needs to be applied. I plan ALMIGHTY to reach to the masses and unveiling the ALMIGHTY LIFESTYLE to people who do live the ALMIGHTY lifestyle.

Explain how creativity can go well beyond one channel.

Creativity works so well throughout multiple channels. One of the channels can compliment the other. For example, by interlinking ALMIGHTY CREATIVE with BOOMBOX SAINTS or PLUSKRATCH, we become the walking and talking billboards at shows or club nights.

Why do you go through multiple streams, rather than focus on one stream?

I’m a person that can’t sit still. I might have a light case of A.D.D. Honestly, I’ve always been fascinated with a lot of things and how it works. From music, to design, I wanted to learn how to do it all to help build my product, and that product is me.

How does external art (other people around the city) in various form, inspires you?

Everything around me is an inspiration. I’m a cut and paste guy. I like to take the best things in life and put it together – but add my own personality to it.

Where and when did you decide your creativity was not just on one level?

I never thought of it really. I never stopped to think on where or what level of my creativity was. I just keep moving forward, trying to out do what’s next to me or even myself. I guess that I love what I do so much that I forget to breathe and think about it.

From mainstream fashion, how do you explain the trends that were popular in the past making a comeback now?

Honestly, I don’t know how the trends that were popular back then come back. I just wear and design things that I like to wear, which is clean and timeless. I guess everything just happens to revolve in a circle.

What is your definition of classic? How do you want to apply classic to ALMIGHTY clothing?

Classic is timeless pieces that you are able to wear a year or six years later down the road.

Parallel Star Wars with your passion in your clothing and music.

I can’t compare ALMIGHTY to Star Wars! Star Wars is the greatest six episodes film ever made lol! I’m a huge Star Wars nerd and it has been popping in with my designs and production. Sometimes when I do sketches with production, I imagine it being a soundtrack to a scene in Star Wars.

Who or what pushed you to pursue in your passion?

I push myself in everything that I do. I always had this vision since I was a kid. Back then I didn’t have the means to make things work, but now I’m able to.

Did the time you were in your graphic design program help you shape your dream?

Not really. I used school to further out my skills. I guess I had the eye for things but couldn’t utilize it without having the ability to put it on the screen.

Explain the idea behind the ‘collectors’ series.

I wanted to design a piece dedicated to all the sneaker heads. This idea has been in the back of my head for a long time and didn’t release it until last summer. I chose Imelda Marcos graphics because she is an icon of collecting shoes.

What do you want to illustrate through your designs?

The representation of an individual who loves ALL music and who lives only to reach their goals and dreams.

What (local and abroad) song artists would you play while you are producing designs on your laptop?

Depending on my mood, it can go anywhere from Ruckazoid to Public Enemy, to No Luck Club to Kanye West.

Explain how ALMIGHTY will maintain its ‘Clean, simple and timeless’ standard?

It’ll maintain itself, unless I decide to follow trends.

Describe what goes through your mind when you create a graphic design. Can you look at a normal object in your daily life and sprout an idea?

I usually think about the message that I’m trying to get across. How will it stand out or will this be something that I will be proud to represent? There are times that I do look at things and zone out for a minute. I look for color, texture, functionality, and representation. Then, later, I incorporate my personality and mood, and viola, a Paul Mighty creation.

How does the experience of growing up in a city like Vancouver help you shape your brand’s theme?

I’m surrounded by so many positive, creative and successful individuals that it inspires me to be different. Vancouver is a haven of talented designers and musicians. You need to step up your craft to last.

You have definitely established your scene in the game as a recognized DJ (DJ Pluskratch). How do you think that has helped you step into the fashion scene? Furthermore, is there pressure while bringing up your own clothing brand?

Being in front of people you constantly get judged by how you present yourself. Hate to admit it, but people do judge the book by it’s cover. Image isn’t everything, but it helps sell you along with the skills. Whatever I wear, it represents my personality, my product, my lifestyle: ALMIGHTY.

DJ Pluskratch , Boombox Saints, Almighty – above are some of your aliases or what people might recognize you with. Up to this date, which of the above do you think people are most familiar with you as? What identity do you want people to recognize you with in the future?

I guess I’m more recognized as Pluskratch because it’s the name I use more and because of playing at the clubs. With all my hustles, I had to differentiate all my different personalities. Sounds crazy right? Depending on what I’m doing, I get into that side of me. Paul Mighty the designer, Pluskratch the DJ, Paul Skratch the musician/producer, and Paul Belen the kid with a dream. I’m just Paul.

What is HYPE?

Hype is a lot of energy. It could go two ways, HYPE can be you’re really excited about it, but it could also be, “I’m excited about you…for now”, meaning you just want HYPE for a couple of years and that’s it.

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