On the night of April 16,2009. There was a “Contemp’ Tsunami Relief Concert” hosted by St.George’s Secondary School. The event hosted by the music styles of Andrew Kerr and Matt Landels and put together by Andrew Conroy and Justin Ko.

The event was hosted in the auditorium of the school and showcased performances by Andrew Conroy, Brain Candy, Claire Mortifee, DJ Omniscity, Halz Maul, Junktion, Und Spiel from Germany, Rice Cube, YungKee Hui.

The night started off with DJ Omniscity and DJ Walko, along a glowstick act by Paul Young in front of the tables to spice up the crowd. They started the concert off with a fast-paced trance set. It was a great combo with the spinning of the glow sticks and the fast paced music. The music did not end there. The whole night was filled with variations of music styles and performances and it HYPEd the crowd throughout the entire night. A special group from Germany performed a series of rock music, and even with the language barriers they had with many students, they used their catchy tunes and music to communicate with the crowd. From rappers to a live painting session, Contemp’ 09 was definitely full of surprises. One of the greatest aspects throughout the whole night was the audience interaction with theses artists. At many times, artists would direct themselves into the crowd to connect with them closer to the stage. At the end of the night, a lot of students were invited and stepped into the spotlight and were dancing and singing along with the artists. Everyone from the crowd to the artists definitely had one unforgettable musical night!

We did an interview with the DJ’s to learn more about the story of Contemp.

How did you get involved with this year’s CONTEMPORARY MUSIC NIGHT?

We first got involved in Contemp last year when some of our friends recommended us to perform in it. Through the event, we met many new friends and great school artists and bands. There was no way we weren’t coming back this year! (And you will definitely see us performing there next year too).

Describe your part of the show. Why did you choose this specific set to perform?

Sam and I started off Contemp ’09 with a fast-paced trance set, comprising songs from Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, and a track from Sam himself. We wanted to kick off the evening with a bang and a memorable beginning that nobody will forget.

How did you to maintain the high level of musical vibe in Contemp’09 throughout your performance of the show? Was there pressure on trying to do as good as the other different artists throughout the night?

In our opinion, Contemp never was a competition, but everyone still tries to do the best they can. It’s all about the music, and it always will be. A lot of time and effort goes into each one of our sets and this year we tried to push the presentation even further with the introduction of Paul Young, the glowsticker, into our performance. This year’s set was our most complicated yet.

The audiences of the night definitely had involved themselves directly into many parts of the show. How has that added to your performance and how does it feel to have such an awesome crowd?

Without the audience, there exists no motivation to perform. The audience at Contemp is like no other; they were energetic, enthusiastic, and down-right party animals. Their passion for music truly gave us inspiration for future projects.

What makes Contemporary such a memorable show?

Contemporary Music Night is truly a night of raw talent. All performers were outstanding in their own genre, and each and every one of them gave something back to the audience.

What is the HYPE?

Chris: HYPE is when audiences truly lose themselves through the music, only to be found when the music dissipates.

Sam: HYPE is taking people’s expectations and then making them wait just a little bit longer for that moment of musical orgasmic jizzatude.