April 29th, 2009. That was the day of Fashion Rocks, the 10th annual fashion show put on by the Chinese Varsity Club (CVC). Now in it’s 79th year, CVC is stronger than ever, showcasing one of it’s biggest events of the year.

The concept of Fashion Rocks was modelled after Fashion Rocks by CBS Corporation. In a nutshell, Fashion Rocks is a show that fuses live local music with fashion, all done for charity, which the emcees and producers did a great job of making very clear. All proceeds from the night will be going towards BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Before the doors were opened, you could hear the music even outside the Roundhouse Community Center, which served as the venue for the show. The venue was an excellent fit for the size of the audience and the general atmosphere that the show created. Naturally, the brightly lit walk way was the center of it all. As guests started to file in, you could feel a definite anticipation for something great. VIP’s were escorted to their seats and the rest of the audience found theirs.

The show started off with a dance performance by Flow Ethics dance crew. Afterwards, it was a good balance of emcees, band performances, and cat walks. Band shows included the Boombox Saints and Renovation Under. The emcees, Kent Leung, and twins Grace and Mary Chen, had a humorous skit, although sometimes a bit corny and offside. A wide array of generous and modest prizes were given out throughout the show to keep the crowd entertained and focused on the show itself, not that it was needed.

The models wore clothing from a wide variety of clothing, from minor to major brands from around the world, provided by stores and designers across Vancouver. Suppliers included Nouvelle Nouvelle, El Kartel, Ark Clothing, Love Death & Sacrifice , Below the Belt, Freshman, L*Space, Zed Denim & Threads, and Malena European Lingerie. Needless to say, the show encompassed a many different fashion styles. The models themselves were students and were very diverse. Most were fairly confident and natural, with some a little stiff and nervous. However, as the show progressed, many of them did loosen up and felt more natural on the runway.

After speaking with Charlene Tsang, the producer of the show, she explained that the show was different from other fashion shows that CVC has put on in the past because “it was a lot more fashion focused” with a large range of different suppliers and it definitely shouldn’t have been missed by anyone because “it’s a party!”.

From another angle of the show, we asked DJ Swick, the DJ of the night, some questions.

How did you decide which songs to put on?

For the main scenes, it was mainly the coordinators deciding and they were probably talking to sponsors. Then they basically brought it over to me and I just spun it.

Was this a challenge for you compared to your usual gigs?

Organizationally, this was really well done and great had communication. It different, obviously, so i cant really judge.

In your own opinion, why is this fashion different from what you’ve done before?

Well, being behind the scenes is really different. I’ve been to fashion shows before and it’s all definitely very hectic. This one was really well organized and people knew what they wanted, deadlines were met and people were happy.

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