Jarvis Ho, the man directly involved with the majority of the photo shoots in this issue talks about his views of HYPE and how he got involved with justalilhype! Furthurmore, he shares his views on life and passion of photography.

Can you describe yourself to our readers?

I’m a student at Kwantlen studying business administration planning to become a chartered accountant. I am passionate about photography and modding cars; I have a special interest in German cars. I’m a very outgoing, honest, approachable and down to earth type of guy.

What is your style of photography?

I haven’t reached a certain style for photography; I would like to establish the “all-around” thing and at least touch on everything that I know. The only reason I don’t pursue a certain style is because there are a lot of things that I like to pay attention to, not just one style. One thing that really died in my photography are still life pictures. My photography hobby started when I started taking pictures of car modifications here and there and during the car meets that I attended. To practice, I would go out and take pictures of landscapes and flowers, but not people yet. Just before I met justalilhype!, I started to meet people and take pictures of people. Right now I mostly take pictures of people since its more challenging and because still life photography got boring. I learned composure through still life because I tried to get angles that most people do not see which make up really nice pictures.

Where do you get your photography inspiration?

Usually, I get my inspiration from pictures on Flickr. I look at pictures and it gives me ideas to take other pictures.

You mentioned working in still life, and now working on live subjects. What is the next step for you?

More studio work because most of my shots are outside portraits where I cant even bring out too much lighting. When I want to do something abstract I need a studio, anyways.

Why should people read justalilhype!?

Vancouver wasn’t ever really put on the map. Not many people know about Vancouver, they just know about Canada being a peaceful place. A city like Vancouver doesn’t have as big of a population as Hong Kong or Tokyo, so we want to make ourselves known. It brings out Vancouver people; our passion is a mixture of everything since we have a really diverse set of people. Some people might say that the North American fashion stopped, unlike Europe and Asia. “justalilhype” is news, but in a different way; instead of knowing about swine flu, we know about how people act and what events go on and what activities go on here; how people socialize basically.

Where do you see yourself and justalilhype! in the future?

When the magazine is actually published I think justalilhype! will become the next big thing, but most likely on the local side for now. But if it grows a little more, we can hire people in different cities like Calgary, Edmonton, maybe later Toronto and they get their own magazine going on until we can combine it all together in one magazine. In the future I see myself combining photography and graphics all together but not having too much abstract.

Some people call you Jar-Jar Binks, why is that?

Well… It’s the guy in Star Wars, but maybe im just as stupid as Jar-Jar Binks (laughs). It’s just a nickname.

When you joined the justalilhype! team, the team asked you to HYPE yourself up. Where do you think your HYPEd side is?

People see me HYPEd on how I express myself and sometimes even through photography. The pictures I take show my interest and I want to capture that certain moment, even though it might look bad and could look better in another way.

What is HYPE and why justalilhype!?

Drinking coffee and getting sugar-high. HYPE is a joy of expressing yourself. At first I joined to expand my portfolio, but I overlooked that and now I want to be more involved in justalilhype! and not just for my own benefit because I felt a little selfish.