justLISTEN! Jerrica Santos

An up and coming singer, Jerrica Santos sings from her experiences and her heart. With a new CD on the way, Jerrica is excited about her musical career. Read on!

Who is this Lil Jem Boogaloo?

Jerrica Santos! A local RnB Singer in Vancouver and like other RnB artists, I just want to get my music out there

Some of your influences include Alicia Keys, Brandy, Mariah Carey and others, but why Michael Jackson?

Well Michael Jackson because he’s a huge influence for a lot of artists and because he’s accomplished so much when it comes to his writing, his music, and his passion. That’s why I put him on there as my influences. The way he touches other people too, right? So, yeah, he’s a big influence.

Without a doubt the 2010 Winter Olympics Unveiling of the Olympic Clock is your next biggest gig. How has this affected your career internally and externally?

Well, every performance that I have had adds to my ability to rate and perform music. I have more upcoming shows as well that helps me grow and even helps me get my music out there.

Personally, how do you view the Olympics in Vancouver?

It’s huge; a lot of publicity and a lot of stuff. It also helps a lot of artists like me getting my music out there. It lets me perform locally, but with eyes from all around the world. It’s really big.

Can you tell us about your music style and how it’s different from other artists?

Well, my music style is RnB influenced with a little bit of hip hop. It’s different because I’m doing my own thing and I’m bringing my experiences to the table into my music itself, and that’s what really separates me from other artists; it’s my experiences.

Whenever someone does what they love, a lot of feelings and emotions come out. What are some of these feeligns or emotions that go through you?

A range of feelings, you know? Like love and hate and sorrow; it depends on the song itself too, so when you write through your experiences and you want to share your love and all the messages you want to give people. It’s really a range of things, and definitely the love of the music is expressed.

Which song of yours is your favorite, and why is this?

My favorite song is “You Can’t Deny It”, and it’s a favorite of mine because I play the piano and a lot of my songs starts with the keys, so through my experience, I was able to bring the song. Every time I play it and sing, it brings back these memories.

Can you tell us more about your new CD?

I’m actually really excited about this. The new CD is coming out in the summer time and it has a whole range of songs songs that I’ve been writing and it includes a lot of RnB and some hip hop. It also brings in some of my acoustic ballads, so I’m really looking forward to it coming out in the summer, and I really hope people will enjoy it.

What do you think is your biggest weakness, and how do you plan on combating this?

Well with weaknesses, it’s just me trying to gain confidence and getting my music to push it out there. Once I can get through that, then it’ll be good.

How have social media websites contributed to your musical career?

It helps a lot of artists, and it helps me because these days, a lot of artists are able to get their music out there. Nowadays, we’re able to get the music out in through the internet, and it definitely helps a lot. A lot of people can get to know me on a more personal level. From around the world, people can have access to my music more and more.

You’re smart, you’re beautiful, and you can sing. Do you see that more and more guys are becoming intimidated by you?

I wouldn’t say intimidated, here and there we get a little bit of stuff, but you just take it in and keep doing your stuff.

Music and fashion are closely intertwined. Do you have any plans or aspirations to venture into this field?

I would like to do that eventually, but right now I’m just focusing on making betting songs and getting my career on its way.

What are your views on the current music scene in Vancouver?

Well there is a lot here. I think it’s important to have a strong team to help push you through it. The Get Right team has really helped me and I have learned a lot more about this industry. Nowadays, the music, no matter where you are, it’s never really local due to the internet.

Vancouver is known for it’s multiculutarlism. How has this fact inspired or helped you with your music?

Well it’s nice to have multiculturalism, and there are many different types of music and love. You can bring all these different experiences and types into my music as well. It’s hard, too, becuase you’re trying to get your music out there and there’s all these different types.

What would you say was the most important aspect of your musical career?

Getting with the Get Right team has really helped me focus in on what my goals for my career really are. Just focusing in on my music and definitely getting it out there. Creating the image I am and getting people to listen to my music is definitely something too.

What is the stepping stone or event in your life that really motivated you to do what you do even better?

It has to be The Beat Music Awards. I met the Get Right music crew and really started to understand my music. I think this was the key point and now that I can focus on making an album with them. Also, starting to take the outlets and learn more about the industry has helped me focus a lot more.

What advice would you give to new artists?

Stay focused and work hard on what you do well and love. It’s that focus and drive that really makes some do well.

A singing plastic surgeon? Tell us more about this dream of yours.

I’m in school right now with UBC Sciences, so it’s always been a goal to perservere to get into medicine. Music is my main focus now but, you never know, one day!

What is HYPE?

HYPE. HYPE to me is bringing together energy, love, and passion so we can make great music that we make, and able to share the love with others. That’s what HYPE to me is.

Check out her Myspace at www.myspace.com/jerricasantos