What is this delinquency of HYPE? It is the fact that people seem to keep buying into the HYPE associated around a product and not really the HYPE of the product itself! Why is it that people are loving the name, rather than the item?

Let me give you an example. With the Vancouver Canucks, they are doing spectacular (no jinx). Their games are always sold out and the ticket prices are a fortune. However, how many of those “fans” are into it because their friends are into it? Remember the lockout a couple years ago? With no Canucks, you would think that all these fans would flock on over to the Vancouver Giants, which of course some did. But realistically, shouldn’t all these hockey loving fans that spent their dough on the Vancouver Canucks be more than happy to see the Vancouver Giants for a fraction of the cost? What about if the rival team, the Calgary Flames, were our home team instead? The Vancouver Flames! I’m sure if suddenly, you slapped on the “Vancouver” to it, and moved them here, we would all be Flames frenzied.

Aside from the Vancouver Canucks, there has been a recent trend going through Vancouver and it’s Blackberry’s and Ed Hardy’s. Both of these products are great in their own respects but why is it that more and more people are saying, “I’ve finally converted to the Crackberry”? And why is it that people who wouldn’t normally wear the Ed Hardy gear start rocking it when their friends are rocking it? And yes, these people are the ones that said it was tacky to begin with. It’s because they are all buying into the HYPE associated with it, and not really the HYPE about the product itself. HYPE is so controversial in this sense that it drives you to flock with the crowd and follow suit. HYPE is so controversial in this sense that it blinds you from seeing the item for itself.

HYPE may seem controversial in the sense that it is deceptive in what it is. The above may be pointing in the direction that it can be deceptive and definitely not genuine. The problem is, that isn’t what HYPE is. What you have just read about is more akin to propaganda and maybe human error than it is to HYPE.

This article won’t go to defining what HYPE is; we have left that note for all our interviewees to answer. However, we will end off with this for you to think about: Are you an original fake, or are you a fake original? (No relation to Original Fake, the brand).

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