DIDN’T PLACE: Not an Olympic Display

Words by Jenkin Au and Clara Ho
Photography by Adam Luk

On the beautiful night of May 28th, the justalilhype! crew visited Caprice Nightclub for the Van Style Olympian Fashion Show, organized by Divine Style Magazine.  The show had a great concept, featuring local Olympians in a fashion show for promotional purposes.  The show’s creative and unique method in promoting the Olympians definitely caught our attention, however that did not save the fashion show from its ill fate.

The night began behind schedule.  Originally scheduled for 9:00 PM, the show started around 10:15PM. We found the runway quite short, poorly positioned, and weak in design.  The short “L” shaped runway in the center of the Caprice dance floor was a poor choice for the small area was incompatible with the straight runway.  The show started with a performer jumping onto the runway, only with no lights to guide our vision.  We were not sure whether or not this was intentional, but it definitely did not please the audience.  After the ineffective performance, the show only continued to spiral down towards disappointment.  Transitions between runs, lighting, the emcee, and the logistics of the show were all poorly organized.  It was very clear that there were most likely zero or very few mock run-throughs before the actual show.  The emcee for the night, KJ of Virgin Radio, sounded dull and monotonous.  As for the show, often times, the models would walk down the runway along with the music only not be seen because the lights were not on.  Most of the Olympians failed as models, of course as they are Olympians and not professional models.  However, even students have done better in terms of keeping their composure and presence strong.  Overall, the Van Style Olympian Fashion Show totally killed any mood and is what you call DEAD HYPE.

The fashion being a clear failure and disaster, justalilhype surveyed the audience afterwards and here are a few of their responses:

Justin Jones: It wasn’t the greatest show I’ve seen. They could use some hotter models and announce what they are doing.

Ken: It’s kind of flat right now.

Melissa Luther: As the first event, it’s a great success and I hope that in years to come, it will continue to be. They should promote it more, though.

James De Costa: The evening was pretty horrendous. We’re actually on our way out. It definitely could have been a lot better with much more practice.

Janine Huy: I’ve seen better, much better.

Overall, the only parts of the fashion show that were of acceptable standards were the dance performances by Harbour Dance Center and the DJs of the night. Good job!