“IN HYPE WE TRUST” x Julie Wang

Words by Jenkin Au
Photography by Adam Luk

Julie Wang is the one that takes care of the graphics for justalilhype!. It was because of her artwork, her eye for art and her overall personality that she was brought on the team. Although she’s not a girl of many words, she shares a few with us for this month’s “IN HYPE WE TRUST”.

Please describe yourself to our readers.

I’m in high school and I like art. I am constantly at the arcade and I game too much. As a result of too much screen time, I’m going to go blind soon. I am a typical Richmond kid.

How do you contribute to justalilhype!?

I do the graphics, but I’m not that great. I hope to get a lot better!

What kind of style would you say your artwork is?

Any style that I can think of. Particularly, I like simple and modern art. I like it because it’s easy to draw and easy to come up with.

Where is your inspiration from?

Mostly from music and my art teacher at school. The stuff that my teacher shows us really helps me produce artwork that is good.

Why should people read justalilhype!?

justalilhype! lets people know what’s up in Vancouver and reveals a lot of things that we don’t know about in Vancouver. It also lets people see another side of Vancouver that we don’t know about. It’s just cool.

How do you see yourself and your involvement in the future with justalilhype!?

Significantly more involvement.

What is HYPE and why “justalilhype”?

HYPE is something that gets us going and something that everyone is raving about. It makes people really excited. HYPE is what is now and what is the future, but not what was yesterday. “justalilhype” because it’s just a little and not too much. Too much is too overwhelming because HYPE is such a packed and fun filled word and thing.