justSPIN! Finally, A Female DJ

Words by Jenkin Au
Photography by Jarvis Ho and Andy Fang
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DJ Audy, real name Audrey is an aspiring DJ new to the scene just in 2009.  She specializes in trance, hard dance, break beats, and house.  DJ Audy believes that music is truly unifying and is ecstatic to share her work with those who love music for music.  justalilhype! has had the privilege to ask her a few questions about her views and influences in life.

Please describe yourself.

Loves music, energetic, easy going, and loves to have fun.

Of all the many different DJ styles, where do you classify your work?

I focus mainly on trance and hard dance.

Where does the name DJ Audy come from?

One of my nicknames is Audy.

As mentioned earlier, your work is mainly trance and hard dance. However, can we expect a different vibe from you in the near future?

Definitely! I hope to spin a bit of hip hop in the future. Actually, my initial focus was hip hop but somewhere along the way I got into electronic dance music. I spin house and breaks as well, but my passion really lies within trance and hard dance.

What kept you from spinning hip hop initially?

At the start, I was really into and feeling hip hop; however, over the years I noticed that hip hop has taken a turn to a different direction and it’s just not the same anymore. On the other hand, I’m really into old school hip hop and underground hip hop still.  Most of my DJ friends that I learned with spun electronic and I guess that’s how I got started with it.

Do you believe that music has a great impact on one’s life?

Music plays such a big part in everybody’s life; it contributes in the smallest ways that you don’t even notice it. It’s everywhere in the community –restaurants, elevators, radios, commercials, shows, movies, and when you go shopping! I especially love how music communicates to the general public and it doesn’t discriminate at all, there’s a type of music for everyone.  Music has the ability to connect each individual emotionally and really set the mood for anything. If you want to party and feel energized, there’s upbeat music for that; if you want to just chill out and relax, you can choose a much more mellow sound like jazz.

Growing up, who was your greatest inspiration in starting your DJing career?

You can’t go wrong with Armin van Buuren, the number one trance DJ in the world. All the other big DJs like Above & Beyond, Ferry Corsten and Ronski Speed also was a great source of inspiration, their music was just so good. What it really comes down to is the quality of the music. I would say that those who truly inspired me were my DJ friends who shared the same dreams. I always wanted to be a DJ. When I went to clubs I always thought to myself, “I really want to be a DJ because I have so much good music!” I wanted to be the one standing up on that platform spinning my tracks for all to hear. I didn’t think I could but when I saw how far my friends have come, it really motivated me into believing it is possible. I asked my friend to teach me the basics on vinyl and when my first session was over, I knew I had to become a DJ. A couple of days later I went and bought my own DJ gear and I taught myself!

Any shout outs you’d like to make?

DJ Rolo. He played a big part in helping me achieve my goals. He‘s one of my greatest inspirations; he’s been DJing for quite some time and now he’s really doing well. Props to him!

Who would you most love to spin for?

To the people who actually love the music. They don’t need to be under any kind of influence to appreciate the music. They simply want to dance, party, and enjoy it as much as I do!

How did your first real DJing experience go?

It was actually three weeks after I started DJing. I started in November of 2008 and landed my first gig at a retail store.

Where do you usually get your gigs from?

I usually get them from word of mouth. People just ask me!

Being a female DJ, in a male dominated scene, do you find it hard to get yourself established and going?

Not really, I think that it’s actually an advantage because there are so many male DJs. People don’t usually see female DJs and it just creates more HYPE! When people hear about a female DJ they think it’s pretty cool.

Have you released any new CD mixes lately?

I have a couple of mixes out there. I made two; my first was an Electro House mix that came out when I had just started. My second was called “Hard Love”. It’s a mixture of all the kinds of hard music. I’ve handed it out to a few people and they’ve really enjoyed it!

If you could change one thing about the Vancouver nightlife, what would it be?

It’d be great to have more clubs that play trance and hard style just because people here aren’t exposed to that kind of music as often. Trance styles are pretty much underground still, whereas in Europe, it’s everywhere. I also want everyone in clubs to just mingle together instead of staying in their cliques. Music should be a universal thing where everybody comes together.

Do you think you can make this change happen? Will you?

Perhaps I can? I think that maybe in the future, my friends and I can really make this change happen. We have pretty similar styles and tastes and we share the same passion. Perhaps in the future, we can band together and establish a company or even start small and find clubs to introduce trance. 

What’s your next step with DJing? You mentioned starting your own company, is this where you’re heading to?

That may be the next step for me but if it happens, it’ll be in the far future. As for now my next step will be spinning at IMF, the International Music Fair at the Pacific Coliseum rave on July 18. I’m definitely looking forward to that! I would like to work on remixing and reworking songs sometime. Soon after that, maybe learn to produce my own songs!

Some DJs use more technique than effects and visa versa. How is your balance between effects and technique, why did you choose for this balance?

I like to play with both, and I think I do a pretty good job with it. Balance is the key; you can’t just always stick with one kind, right?  It’ll eventually sound the same if you don’t switch up and try new things. I’m often watching DJs and seeing what they’re doing and learning from that. I think it also depends on what genre of music you’re spinning; I do different things with different genres. What I love most about DJing is that even if you’re given the same piece of work, every DJ is unique and they will work it in a different way such that no music is the same. It truly is an art.

What are some characteristics about your personality or DJing styles that make you unique?

One would definitely be my high level of energy. My other nickname is “Energizer Bunny” because I keep going and going! At a rave you can probably spot me dancing all night, just high off the music. “Music is The Drug” –Lee Haslam you know!

Any of hobbies besides DJing you can tell us about

My other hobbies are creative marketing and design. All the designs that I use, from my business cards to CD covers, are self made! I also enjoy sports like volleyball and tennis.

What advice would you give upcoming DJs?

Definitely practice. I practice hard to the core! You have to keep at it all the time. Don’t stop, day in and day out, especially in the beginning. Don’t be scared of the hard work and time needed into DJing, it totally pays off in the end. I noticed that in the beginning, if I were to stop practicing for a few days, I became rusty and had to start all over again.

What is HYPE?

HYPE is anticipation for something extreme. It’s having an abundant amount of energy and getting pumped up for something exhilarating. You can do fake HYPE but the end result is HYPE for nothing.