HYPE Persistency

Words by Alan Ng
Edited by Jenkin Au
Photography by Jenkin Au

Whether you are in the scene for one day or ten years, it seems like the persistency of HYPE is one of the driving factors of many people’s life, whether you are singing, dancing, painting, or performing. When someone is sets a goal for themselves in their lives, it’s important to stick with it, but often times there are external factors in life that alters your main motives.

Your initial instances to many things in life are the foundations of your dreams and goals which is why it is important to endure. Not only are the people that have assisted or supported you since day one the most important, but these people see if you are fucking around. People often start out with very original material, quality shit that is deep from their hearts, and then it changes over time. The original fans notice this change and even though they may or may not say it out loud, they are disappointed with your lack of hustle. But why do these people stop the hustle?

People grow and changes within the expression of oneself is common sense, but then there’s also the overall direction or goal of the person that should never change. There are too many people out there that are influenced by money or the mass media that they alter their careers simply to be able to either make more money or find the easy way out. Truly, it’s hard to spot these people but the only person they are cheating are really themselves.

Often times, many people seem to say they are persisting with certain goals in life. However, they often treat projects as stepping stones for experiences, and as a result, they are not persistent. In addition, they often do collaborations for associations only to gain a certain type of audience.

Even though the hip-hop and street culture scene is rather new and developing in Vancouver, there are people out there since day one still repping with their crew, still rapping the same, and never left their roots. This persistency is not usually seen by the public and it often leads to many unheard of sacrifices of in the hearts of the artists. This pain lies deep inside of each of their hearts becuase, they have not only given it their all, but ample time has been spent through their lives in order to chase their dreams. Hardworking creative individuals in Vancouver might not exactly and always achieve, but the respected people in the scene will always be remembered.  Everyone in the scene is working hard to embrace the fact that one day, our name will be recognized by the whole world. Don’t stop the HYPE!

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