Interview by Jenkin Au
Words by Jenkin Au
Photography by Alan Ng

The justalilhype! Crew had a chance to meet up with Michael Ma briefly and talked about his involvement in justalilhype! Being one of the newer Crew members of justalilhype! Not only has he assisted us with many of the transcribes that takes place every issue, he has been helping us a lot in lifting the weight off our shoulders on helping us with the edits. In the future, he plans to take part in further involvement and potentially take up photography as well.

Describe yourself to our readers.

I like to think I’m a mellow person. I’m laid back, so sometimes people may see me as being lazy. I I’m a 3rd year student at SFU studying Economics and I aspire to work in the Investment field when I graduate. I work part time at Rogers as a CSR, in short, the person that you bitch at when you call in to complain.

Talk about your inspirations and interests.

Growing up I have a lot of interests, I’ve always liked to collect things. As a kid, I grew up collecting action figures, and toys; which I do still have them in my room. I’m a shoe fanatic, I’ve always dreamt about owning the whole Jordan line since I was a kid. Once I got my first part time job, I wasted almost all of my pay cheques on them. I have about 12 pairs of dead stock Jordans lying in my room now, still trying to finish with the collection. Other than that, I enjoy playing sports. I played sports throughout high school, mostly basketball. I’ve stopped completely after but slowly getting more into it now. I spend a lot of time at the gym, and do some boxing with a couple friends here and there. Many people inspire me, but ironically the people that really pushes me to do things are nay sayers; people that tell me I can’t do something. I’m really stubborn, so when people tell me I can’t do something I try to prove them wrong.

How do you contribute to justalilhype!?

I mostly focus on scribes right now. I’m basically the one typing up all these interviews, and doing awkwardly doing mine right now.

Why do you think people should read justalilhype!?

I think it’s great for talented people to read justalilhype! for inspiration. It’s an informative magazine that showcases the talents around Vancouver, and for aspiring artists and musicians I think it’s a great inspirational magazine to show them there are others like themselves. I think the music scene, and the fashion scene is still in its primitive stages compared to other cities like New York, and Tokyo; so it’s easy for artists to give up since it seems like it’s a dead industry in Vancouver. Justalilhype! provides motivation, and an outlet for these talented individuals to continue on with their passion and succeed.

Where do you see yourself and justalilhype! in the near future?

Hopefully I can have opportunities to learn different aspects of the magazine, like interviewing, and photography. I really want to learn photography, so I think it’ll be a great opportunity for me to learn through this.

What is HYPE to you?

HYPE to me is the feeling you get when you finally get what you want. The tingly feeling that runs up from your chest to your head that makes you feel dizzy cause you can’t believe what you’ve been dreaming, and wanting for all these years is actually in your hands.