Written by Alan Ng
Edited by Jenkin Au
Photography by Kris Krug



In street culture, to support one another at crucial times is important. Each and every successful story in this culture shares the similarity filled with supporting agents within one’s life. With this aid, it allows their talents to be finally recognized. This kind notion of helping others sounds undeniably correct, but in hip-hop, over supporting could lead to negative effects as well. When someone backs you up, it is imperative that you return this debt someday by either giving back, or being associated closely with your sponsors. This is a problem because people at the top of the ladder use this method to control and dictate the future careers of new artists.  When such powerful people are supporting artists, they lose freedom of control in their craft. To draw a reasonable line between being over controlled and having the appropriate amount of assistance isn’t simple, and requires the two parties, the giver and the receiver to fully understand what is going on in this relationship.

Ask and you shall receive, but be careful on what you are demanding, as there are always consequences. With so many hidden agendas behind every action, one must be absolutely careful and attentive to people around them. And also be mindful that one day this debt must be paid in one way or another. What is your view in giving and receiving support? What’s the best way to repay someone?



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