Written by Alan Ng
Edited by Jenkin Au
Photography by Kris Krug



Perhaps one of the strongest ability of the human mind is to truly be able to focus on an assigned task. With the growth of technical devices hindering our ability to concentrate due to constant alerts, and an increasing level of connectivity in our daily lives. Our ability to multitask have inarguably become stronger, but leaving us the inability to concentrate.

Developing a sense of greater urgency is the basis of being able to focus. Add in consequences and punishments and this level of urgency escalates even more. While some people are able to focus on any task that are assigned to them, urgency applies pressure to people that procrastinate to face their upcoming deadline immediately. With the way we are trained in school and institutions, human beings are adapted to complete assigned tasks because of due dates.

That being said, if people are only able to focus due to an increased level of urgency, then it leads to the issue of procrastination when tasks do not have

deadlines. Aside from your principle tasks and responsibilities in school and work, the greater challenge is then perhaps your side goals in life. To many, this might be your New Year’s Resolutions, or perhaps side projects that you always want to start but never got a time to. Without a deadline, focusing is extremely difficult but it is important for people to learning how to focus on them because we are becoming programs, following set paths and instructions, and losing the freedom to be able to focus on matters that we truly care in life.


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