Words by Jenkin Au
Photograph by Adam Luk

Something that will stay true with true HYPE is that true HYPE will never die, regardless of time; it will only go through a cycle or reincarnations. My best examples include the HYPE behind the fashion and music of yesterday and today (and subsequently, tomorrow).

Over the past few years we went through several different phases. There was a dominate rock, grunge and metal phase, complete with leather jackets, ripped light blue denim, bright colours and broad shoulders. This was clearly the 80’s and early 90’s era. As we went on to the late 90’s and early 2000, we moved further and further from this and slowly moved into the era of pop, RNB and hip hop with the introduction and mass popularization of boy bands like the Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync. With the Internet becoming more accessible, the world’s music and fashion became instantly available to all the four corners of the earth (with exceptions of countries like China and North Korea, where censorship is heavy). I believe that this played an enormous role in the re-popularization of timeless sounds and beats (and the corresponding fashion) as it allowed for innovations to not only happen but to be accessible at the same time; thank you MySpace, Youtube and other social media websites.

This may sound like a contradiction: why would a timeless sound and look need re-popularization? This is because of the fact that people are constantly being introduced to new things. After people have been listening and seeing the same thing for a while, they yearn for change not primarily because they don’t like what they have now, but because they just want something fresh. Soon mold starts to grow on our castaways and in comes Johnny boy digging through his parent’s material. That once-sick beat and once-cool look all of a sudden looks and sounds cool and sick again. After all, if it was popular once before, why not again? Haven’t you noticed kids on the bus holding Rubiks Cubes and trying (many succeeding) to solve them these days? Or what about the trucker hats and Kanye’s 808 drum machine? Finally, what about Readers Digest and all those popular magazine-like short stories and articles? They have reincarnated themselves in the form of online weblogs, known more commonly as blogs. Did you ever think about that?

For those that aren’t into music and fashion, we can take a look at automobiles. Remember back in the day where we had the Mini Coopers, a cultural icon of the 60’s and 70’s? And what about the Volkswagen Beetle and the Ford Mustangs? Well, even today these iconic cars of American culture are still making a hit today with drivers of all ages and in popular movies such as Transformers, Italian Job and appearances in various others. Our automobile designs have gone from boxy and sharp-edged from the start to round and curvy in the 50’s. As the 70’s came around, the cars became boxier and boxier and now we’re seeing curvier and curvier cars. This clearly highlights the timelessness of true HYPE.

True HYPE will never die. Music today will be popular tomorrow and clothes in style yesterday will be popular today. True HYPE goes through cycles and various re-incarnations and re-popularizations because people have forgotten just how great it is. To end off, recent tragic events surrounding the death of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson highlights the validity of this. Michael Jackson’s music, image and legacy to the world created in the 50 years he was alive will live on in the timeless vault of true HYPE, inspiring the young, the adult and the older generation for decades to come.

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