justalilhype! Editorial
Words by Alan Ng
Photography by Nico Mak

Ever wonder how it feels to step out of your role in society or whatever you are part of and leave? People do. However, people today in general are adapted to living a form of life where everything is structured, programmed to be able to work efficiently. The notion of leaving or not following this standard norm makes the average human being think they are quitters. In fact, that is false and stepping out is sometimes the right answer.

You work, you go to school, you make money and you constantly follow a daily routine and aim towards a certain goal. That is what people do, but are you trying to live the life of someone else’s? Are you doing what your parents want you to, or are you following your own dreams? Dreams are dreams for a reason and they are meant to be chased.

However, the truth is that in life, you will always be bounded one way or another in whatever you are doing because of the constructs of society. That is why you have to follow rules and do shit you truly enjoy along side with the same game the masses are playing. You have to create your own version of straight hustling.

With this, their game is insignificant. The hustle is massive because you are living the life of two, or even more. You will be on the same table as the masses of society, go to school, have the average job, but also working towards your HYPE.

This being said, people that choose to live the hype are not only hustlers but individuals that choose to live differently. 24 hours, seven days a week, how much more time do you really have outside school or work? And your social life? You make your fucking time so stop crying and saying that you don’t have the time to contribute to your dream. If you’re not willing to make the time, then it’s obvious that that dream is not important and therefore not your dream. You’re just all talk.

It’s all about the hustle; this editorial isn’t a rant but a message. Big ups to the people out there who are true to the game – hustling and staying in the confined boundaries of society. This is a wake up message to those out there who think any less of themselves or are only confined to x and y – wake the fuck up. Fuck. Life is too short to be bounded by the constructs of society. I am not telling you to become a rebel but go pick up that bike that you always wanted and LIVE THE HYPE.

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