Benkei Ramen

After the GUESS & MTV Cocktail Reception, we decided to have a small justalilhype! Crew meet up. Attendees of the Ramen fest included Alan, Jenkin, Jessey and Christine. Jessey is the man behind the revamped logo, and Christine is a new photographer. Last time we actually went to the Benkei on Robson, this time we decided to check up on the newly opened one at 747 Thurlow Street. We always love eating noodles, whether it was ramen or pho. We ordered 3 X Shiro for the guys with extra noodles, and Christine got Miso with extra noodles. We all pulled out our student ID’s to get a $.50 cent off deal on extra noodles, which usually it costs a dollar. We talked to Jessey about plans for upcoming graphics design projects on his end, and Christine on her personal photography portfolio. The meal was good but we found out that the store was actually ran by mainly Chinese people. No offense to Chinese people but it feels non authentic when non Japanese people run Japanese restaurants. We will probably stick to Kintaro or the one on Robson next time.

By the way, Christine doesn’t ACTUALLY look like that – she’s making a horrible face