Benkei Revisit and Meeting Kevin

justalilhype! walked from Gas Town all the way to Burrard to find food around $5 dollars. We had an idea to order 3 rices along with one of our favourite Korean dishes, BiBamBap, but the Korean restaurant that we found was packed. We then diverged our original plan into going to one of our favourite Ramen place, Benkei. We met one of the workers there called Kevin whom hooked Alan up with double extra noodles. He had a conversation about how it was confusing because with the student ID you get extra noodles for 50% off, from $1.00 to $.50 but if you did double extra noodles, the discount doesn’t stack and it costs $1.50. Anyhow, the meal was satisfying but we still love the one on Robson more! Thanks Kevin, looking forward to see the new Benkei website that you are developing.