Boombox Saints – Bringin' The Boom Back (EP) Review


Our friends the Boombox Saints released their EP two days earlier. Based on a true story, titled Bringin’ The Boom Back, the EP features a very different sound from the Saints. Compared to their past releases, Bringin’ The Boom Back represents a much more mature, yet youthfully strong approach to their music. Reinforcing this theme is the overall branding of the EP – it features an old vintage theatre with Saints in dressier wear… and a nice bow tie. The photography for this project was shot by the justalilhype! Crew.

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An overall theme of the EP is focused on relationships and the convoluted messages that being in a relationship can deliver. This is highlighted by the three skits that are placed throughout the EP. Another careful selection were the producers for this EP. Working with local cats, Jeff Spec, Ess, LoKeyNote, K-Rec, and Cinematic, all the producers of the EP produced a very consistent sound. Their own personal sounds are very evident in their tracks, especially with the tracks Jeff Spec and Ess did. They were also able to bring out a really 80’s – 90’s feel to it all.

The EP also doesn’t feature many collaborations from outside artists. With some vocals from Jeff Spec, JayKin, Matt Brevner, and Jill Laxamana, the EP is primarily all Boombox Saints. The EP also features skits with the help of Curtis Lum, Marcia Morales and Liz Portillo Pascual

The EP opens up with “Bringin’ the Boom Back”, a track that is very different from their past work. Produced by K-Rec, it features soulful samples and a voice appearance from their DJ and latest member, DJ Relik. “Bringin’ the Boom Back” is one of the most distinct tracks of the EP. Another track that stands out is “Gotta Let You Know” which is reminiscent of a Kanye style production with high pitch soul joints. This track is one of the most youthful tracks of the EP, as it talks about chasing a girl and, obviously, letting her know how they feel. “The BreakUpSong” is another good track, but I personally feel that while the female vocals were good, I felt that it could have a little more power or oomph to it, as it is clearly what stands out the most of the track. “Been So Long” is a very direct and honest track, talking about some of the problems with an overpowering relationship and the control aspect of relationships. It also talks about some of the feelings that come after a breakup, which is appropriate since the song comes right after “The BreakUpSong”.

The justalilhype! Crew pick for the EP is “Gotta Let You Know” – even on a random listen without knowing the song or song name, I gravitated towards this track the most. It was hard to pick between “Bringin’ the Boom Back”, “Been So Long” and this track, but this track stood out to us because of it’s youth.

Overall, this EP was well done and a good look for the Saints. This EP is quite RnB and it almost seems like this is the natural path that they should progress in. Coming up soon is their full album, which might encompass all aspects of the Boombox Saints.


Track Listing:

1 “Brinin’ The Boom Back” ft DJ Relik
2 “Get That”
3 “Believe”
4 “Skit 1” ft Marcia Morales
5 “Gotta Let You Know”
6 “Across the Sky”
7 “Never Enough” ft JayKin
8 “Skit 2” ft Marcia Morales and Curtis Lum
9 “Late Night Creep”
10 “The BreakUpSong” ft Jill Laxamana
11 “Been So Long” ft Jeff Spec
12 “Need You”
13 “Skit 3” ft Liz Portillo Pascual
14 “Where I’m From” ft Matt Brevner
15 “Afterparty”

Full Credits

1 “Brinin’ The Boom Back” ft DJ Relik, prod by Kent ‘K-Rec’ Stephany

2 “Get That” prod by Kent ‘K-Rec’ Stephany and Reggie ‘Richardfitzwell’ Plaza

3 “Believe” prod by Jeff Spec

4 “Skit 1” ft Marcia Morales

5 “Gotta Let You Know” prod by Ess

6 “Across the Sky” prod by Terrence ‘Cinematic’ Hui

7 “Never Enough” ft JayKin, prod by Jeff Spec

8 “Skit 2” ft Marcia Morales and Curtis Lum

9 “Late Night Creep” prod by Kent ‘K-Rec’ Stephany

10 “The BreakUpSong” ft Jill Laxamana, prod by Jeff Spec

11 “Been So Long” ft Jeff Spec, prod by Jeff Spec

12 “Need You” prod by Nigel ‘LoKeyNote’ Berringer

13 “Skit 3” ft Liz Portillo Pascual

14 “Where I’m From” ft Matt Brevner, prod by Terrence ‘Cinematic’ Hui

15 “Afterparty” prod by Ess