From Char, to justalilhype!

Today, we received probably the biggest fan letter to date. From Toronto, originally from Vancouver, comes Char Loro. She writes to us that since she’s away from Vancity, she reads justalilhype! to keep up with what’s what in Vancouver. She’s also glad to see that we’re documenting the stuff about people who don’t have the “chill, laid-back, take-6-years-to-finish-university mould in Vancity and are on some serious ravenous ambition tip on the come up”.

To end it off, Char wrote: “I love what you’re doing, and if you stop, I will come over there and splash some nasty ass Lake Ontario water in your face just to make you remember you live in the most beautiful city in Canada.”

Char runs a blog called Lovehard – check it and show some love.

For her feedback, we’ll be linking Char up with a lot of different buttons of ours. We’d like to hear your feedback, too – keeps us in check with what we do –