Issue 17 Editorial Reflections

Along with every issue launch, we include editorials that speak on our personal views on the street culture of Vancouver. This issue, we wrote three editorials. First, we wrote about hustling and how it is actually a completely different state of mind. Next, we wrote about the how an individual builds an empire and the effects afterwards. Finally, we wrote about how often times, change is viewed as a degeneration of quality, when it was only evolutionary in nature. We would like to hear your feedback on our critiques and writings!

Link to the editorials:

The Hustle

The Empire

The Misconception of Degeneration

Please leave your feedback below. The best comment written will receive a justalilhype! Prize Pack which contains our 1/100 Edition Buttons and Sticker Pack. Keep in mind, we are looking for honest opinions. We look forward to read your reflections.