justalilhype! x Richmond Night Market

On September 26, the justalilhype! Crew dropped by the Richmond Night Market to enjoy its large selection of Asian edible goodies. We got the chance to try out the Sumo Bites, cooked and prepared by one of our past featured artists, Sam Laufer. Our crew member Amie, recommended us to try the spicy curry fish balls. It wasn’t spicy enough so she had to add more hot sauce. Kevin got the chance to enjoy learning about the culture of Asian-bargaining with the vendors. Jennifer got to eat her favorite snack, Chinese style duck wrap for the very last time in Vancouver this year. At the very end, Jenkin and Alan got to play the fish net game for free and they caught a ton. It was the finale of the annual event and we are definitely looking forward for more good snacks and drinks for next year.