justalilhype! X Terracotta

The justalilhype! Crew visited Terracotta Modern Chinese Restaurant for our after-summer reunion. We had a chance to catch up on our summer vacation and talked about up and coming projects for justalilhype! Terracotta’s hosts were wonderful and┬áhonoured us with the exclusive lounge area, The Emperor’s Room was for us to relax, chill and have an overall good time. The aesthetics of the interior design of the┬árestaurant is inspired by ancient Terracotta Warriors of China’s Qin Dynasty. The atmosphere was laid back and comfortable yet at the same time refreshingly modern. Our eats of Chinese tapas were more than satisifying and we were treated with their signature drink, Chivas & Green Tea. If you get a chance to swing by, make sure you try to the Aloe Vodka! Terracotta is located at the heart of Gastown, 52 Alexander Street.